Hypnotherapy Certification Course

Course: Hypnotherapy Certification Course
Course duration: 4 Days, full time
Certification: Full certification
Pre-requisite: No Pre-requisites

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“Life changing and full of information” – Vusi Masiba

“Perception shift, talking to inner me and the ability to change lives”

About the trainer:

“Very well prepared”

Course Cost: R6 900!

About this course:
An in-depth introduction to the world of Hypnotherapy

Imagine if you could harness the potential of your mind to be up to 300% more effective.

What if you could increase the influence your communication has over others?

What would it mean to you if you could almost instantaneously improve your memory, concentration and focus?

Learn the techniques that top communicators use to subliminally layer their communication to entice and intrigue their listeners.

Imagine the possibilities of empowering others by suggestively encouraging them to take action NOW.

Gain the knowledge of the true power of words, their structure and the deeper meanings we as humans place on them.


History of Hypnosis – How it all began

What is hypnosis – Getting down to the facts?

How we create our reality – What it is and isn’t.

Sensory Acuity – Heightening the senses

Rapport – Building the connection

Preparation – What to do before you do

Identifying trance – What it is and isn’t.

Inductions – Laying the foundation

Deepening techniques – Further down the rabbit hole

Anchoring – Setting up the triggers

Embedded metaphors – Telling that effective story

Utilization – Everything is there to assist you

Scripting – Designing your own scripts

Principles of Covert hypnosis – From “in your face” to “did it really happen?”

Embedded commands – The basis for unconscious communication

Therapeutic applications – Principles of suggestion in a therapeutic sense

Safety – Making sure you are sure

Scope of practice – What is allowed and what isn’t

Therapeutic tools – Useful additions to assist

Contra-Indications – When NOT to hypnotize

Abreactions – What is it and how to deal with it

Hypnotic entertainment – The entertaining side of suggestion

Introduction to Impromptu hypnosis – Hypnosis on the fly


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Marco Brazao

“Wow !! What an education, gained a new way of life”

Glynes Fester

“A wonderful person and professional journey that has taught me so much about myself”

“Coaching is about asking questions that will elicit information from a client.”

Trueman Matika

“It’s an out of this world course”

“Open mind, now I know how to chanel my future and fulfill my passion and desire”

About the trainer:

“Phenomenal, the understanding of NLP and Coaching is truly inspirational.  Huge heart, integrity, passion and loving life”

About the trainer:

“Confident  trainer who imparts knowledge easily”

About the trainer:

“Very well conducted”


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Course Cost: R6 900!