Course: NLP Sales Skills Extreme
Course duration: 2 Day, Full time
Course Cost: R1 600 per person per day (excluding VAT)
Certification: No certification
Pre-requisite: Attendance of 1-day Success Minded Principles


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About this course:

Sales Training that delivers results!

NLP Sales training gives you the unfair advantage – sometimes it is not enough to be good, or even great… You have to also be different.

Great sales people seem to have a natural skill for connecting with customers and bringing the orders home.
The great news is, because of our unique training techniques, your own salespeople can learn their secrets.

How to handle personal objections.

The empowering belief systems of top sales performers.

The power of state management.

An understanding of how to align conscious and subconscious buying decisions.

How to create automatic confidence when calling on clients – even the difficult ones.

The ability to build instant rapport.

How to elicit your customer’s buying strategies from the get-go and use them to your advantage.

The ultimate persuasive language that speaks to your customer at both a conscious and subconscious level.

The skill of reframing objections as opportunities.

The best salespeople adapt to the times. If you’re still relying on 20-year old sales techniques, Action Factory will bring you up to speed with the very latest strategies for explosive sales in the digital era. We can tailor make a variety of training workshops to meet specific needs of your industry and environment.