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3 Easy Ways to Conquer Time Management

Do you struggle with time management? Do you manage your time effectively? Are you overworked because of the long working hours? Do you struggle to get everything done on time? Are you living from crisis to crisis?

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7 Ways Procrastination Assists Your Personal Development

In a previous post, Procrastination Is Your Friend, you were introduced to the idea that procrastination can have a positive or negative outcome. Procrastination is a powerful personal development tool. How does procrastination benefit you personally? Here are 7 ways procrastination assists your personal development.

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Your dream career is yours.

I followed my dad’s footsteps in two major areas of my life. He taught and showed me that you can be happily married and you can also have you dream career.

Like my dad, I found my beautiful wife at a young age.

Living the dream career took a little bit longer…

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Radical approach to emotional intelligence

Upset the emotional intelligence apple-cart causes a chain of reactions that forces you to examine your approach to emotional intelligence.

While the apples are still neatly stacked, have a look how Peter Salovey and John Mayer defines emotional intelligence:

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Why your dreams does not become reality.

Do you wonder why your dream doesn’t become a reality? Have you tried “everything” and your dream is still a dream?

Are you on the verge of giving up on your dream?


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The secret behind strength versus weakness

It is almost impossible to be in the marketplace without someone asking you what your strengths are. Most people reply to this question by listing their abilities, gifts, talents, the things they are good at.

Is being good at something the same as it being your strength? Answer this question and you have the secret behind your strengths.

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Each individual may undergo different feelings or emotions whilst undergoing transitions, but there is a similar pattern throughout all transitions.

It is important for one to understand the impact that the change will have on their lives.

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