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Everybody Needs somebody – Read my story

Take a moment to ask yourself, how do I find Gratitude, how can I identify my blessings?

Some of us need to have walked through the hardships of life, experienced loss and trauma, and felt the pain, frustration and helplessness that go with it.

Like a lot of people, I started with humble beginnings, lived through the effects of a painful divorce, suffered a traumatic vehicle accident, survived life support for a week, learnt to walk again and lost my job more than once.

Yet through it all, I was Blessed.

I was blessed by all the wonderful people who stepped into my life at each stage, helping me to cope, helping me to eat, to sit, to walk and to

believe that I can still make a difference and Serve Others.

Each person has a unique gift, a treasure to share, there is beauty in us all.

The key is to find someone, who can help you uncover your special gift, to uncover the Diamond in the Rough, to craft it and polish it so that it’s Brilliance Shines Through.

Let me be that Somebody for You

I am Ash Khan of  SHHIFT Coaching , I am a qualified Life Coach and NLP Practitioner, Executive Business Coach and Specialist Planner.

I am proud to be affiliated with Action Factory and Deon Groenewald.

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