Combined NLP & Life Coach Certificate Course

The total value of the full course , the certification and all the extras we offer is worth over R35000. But we are in Africa and we price our course for our people.

The currant price is only R8300.00 and we will attempt to hold it as long as we can.

Rated in top 10 worldwide and #1 in Africa

A full course with required skills and techniques for real transformation
International certification. Life long access to free training

Combining NLP & Life Coaching

Life coaches assist people to experience lasting changes through action and motion. They guide people to achieve their dreams by living a balanced goal orientated life.

NLP practitioners help people replace certain habits, limited beliefs, phobias and fears with empowering beliefs and thought patterns.

The combination of courses integrates these 2 powerful, complementary disciplines. After completion and accreditation, you will be certified as a life coach and a NLP practitioner.

For a comprehensive guide to all the coaching courses and NLP training available to you, visit the Course Page.

NLP is one of the most powerful Life and management tools and is the secret cornerstone of all highly successful people both in life and in business.

The only way to truly understand the power of NLP is to experience it for yourself. We want everyone to experience the results of Coaching and NLP.

For individuals we offer 1 day workshops as a show and tell experience. An introduction to the world of Coaching and NLP that will convince you to make the right decision.

For Corporates we offer a free 1-hour workshop / training session to assist you I making a well-informed decision. We are members, accredit and partnered with National and International Associations to ensure ethics, credibility and value.

Our flagship course is our NLP Life Coach course

About the course:

  • It is offered full time over 9 days (can be done part time)
  • The course is a 21-day course that is compacted into 9 days of accelerated learning
  • On completion you will be a certified Life Coach and NLP Practitioner
  • All certificates are accepted internationally and are registered and accredited by various international bodies, associations, and formal registrars. In fact, no other course in Africa has our credentials.

Course Itinerary 

  • The first day is fundamentals, to understand human behaviour and the brain.
  • Day 2 and part of day 3 is getting all the skills required
  • From there onwards it is technique after technique.
  • The training is very interactive and fully participative by all students. We make it practical and experiential.

Unleash Your Potential with Practical, Experiential Training

  • At Action Factory, we believe in a hands-on approach to learning.
  • We don’t just teach techniques; we immerse you in the experience through life coach certification training.
  • Our experiential training methodology ensures that you fully grasp the process by actively participating in it.
  • We demonstrate the techniques in class, and then you have the opportunity to practice them on your peers, guaranteeing a comprehensive understanding.

Comprehensive Learning Resources

  • To support your journey, our courses come complete with a detailed manual that provides in-depth explanations of each teaching.
  • You’ll have access to comprehensive resources that enhance your learning experience and serve as valuable references as you continue to grow.
  • Once you join our training you receive LIFE LONG ACCESS to training workshops every month to ensure you are always in touch with latest industry technique’s and trends.

Expertise Rooted in Experience

  • Rest assured, every technique and process we teach has been meticulously honed through countless repetitions.
  • Deon, our esteemed founder, has personally executed each technique over a thousand times.
  • This wealth of experience ensures that we not only know how to perform them flawlessly but also understand what truly works and delivers tangible results.

A Transformational Journey

  • Prepare yourself for a training experience that is authentic, real, and genuinely life-changing.
  • Our commitment to delivering practical knowledge and authentic learning opportunities will empower you to reach new heights.
  • Discover the profound impact our training can have on your personal and professional growth.
  • Don’t settle for ordinary. Embrace the extraordinary transformation that awaits you. Join us at Action Factory and embark on a journey that will redefine your life.
  • We run the course every month to ensure our groups stay small enough to ensure personal attention.

You will learn proven practical techniques by true, highly experienced masters.

Techniques that bring real change in real lives…

All available dates are on our course calendar

For more information on the course and to book your seat, call 083 262 2096

Training is live and interactive on virtual classroom in Zoom. No Refunds on specials

Course: Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner and Life Coach Combined in one power course

Course Duration: 9 Days, full time or part time as per course calendar

Certification: Internationally accredited Life Coach certificate & NLP Practitioner Certificate CPD points issued by International Coach Registrar

Pre-requisite: There is no pre-requisite for this course as it is a combination of courses

Secrets of the Combined NLP Life Coach Course

What is the secret of the world’s most successful life coaches?

They have a variety of powerful strategies at their disposal to create effective, lasting changes in people’s lives.

Professional coaches stay in touch with their clients, their needs and their real-life problems. So, do we

People change and so does the way they experience challenges, difficult situations and problems. To help real people with real problems, you, as a professional life coach must have the latest tools and techniques.

Because we are active practicing coaches and master trainers we continually adapt and transform the course content to equip you with the latest industry trends and practical techniques. Our experience showed that the solutions that we applied 10 years ago are no longer as effective as it used to be.

As in any industry to have the competitive edge you require the latest approach, techniques, and processes.

The secret to Action Factory courses is the modernization of our training and course material according to current trends and needs.

  • The Life Coach element of the training focuses on creating action and motion to ensure your client achieves a balanced goal orientated life.
  • The NLP element assist with removing fears, phobias and limiting beliefs and replacing them with empowering subconscious thought patterns that brings about true change in our lives and that of our clients.

The complimentary disciplines of Life Coaching and NLP is extremely powerful in unlocking the true potential in yourself and your clients.


“Get certified by SA’s best NLP Life coach academy, as voted  2014/2015/2016/2017/2018/2019/2020 / 2021/2022/2023/2024 Corporate Excellence Awards.”

Our training is designed to revolutionize our student’s thought patterns.

You will learn skills and techniques to effectively create long lasting improvement to your life and be able to create positive change in others.

The tools and techniques you will learn will provide you with a real edge to bring about positive change.

At this course, participants will learn how to apply Life Coaching and NLP effectively.

You will be taught to become an NLP Practitioner and a Life Coach. It is 2 courses/skill sets that have been combined into 1 powerful course. This course is one of the most amazing self-discovery journeys that will reveal your true abilities and capabilities – uncovering the full potential of your mind and body.

Through this workshop you will gain an in-depth understanding of NLP & Coaching, and the NLP Success minded principles that is the cornerstone of the world’s most successful people

NLP is very much “a hands-on experience”. Reading about it is great to give you a taster, but you cannot truly learn it or get a deep understanding without practising it and using it on a regular basis, in the same way that you can’t learn to drive a car from reading a book, even a really cool pop-up book with sound effects.

This course will give you the opportunity to see, feel and experience the benefits and power of NLP for yourself, and why it has been so effective in empowering so many people around the world in their personal and working lives.

How can you benefit  

  • Overcome your self-limitations
  • Form rapport and communicate more effectively
  • Increase emotional intelligence
  • Develop your understanding of how other people think
  • Become more persuasive and influential
  • Find powerful and positive resources within you
  • Take control of your state; choose the state you wish to be in at any time
  • Deal effectively with stress and anxiety
  • Set and achieve your goals

The Action Factory Professional Life Coach Certificate course will prepare you for your coaching career with a depth of knowledge and skills unsurpassed in the industry.

You will learn numerous proprietary tools and proven coaching methods that have been used with over a million people worldwide.

Action Factory’s track record of comprehensive, highly personal training and ongoing support differentiate it from any other program available.

Attending this program will be a profound and life-changing experience.

You’ll also be able to coach people through life transitions, help them discover their life purpose and find meaning and fulfillment in life, and support them as they change or enhance their career.    

In recent years, Life Coaching has become a much more common career for people to go into, with many coaches and mentors opting to complete a coaching course to further advance their knowledge and career. There are some important qualities needed to become a successful Life Coach, since you’ll be working one on one with clients, many of whom will have different ambitions, being going through different struggles and requires different types of help.

The secret of the world’s most successful Life coaches is the array of powerful strategies they have at their disposal to create effective, lasting change in any case that presents itself.

Our integrated Combined NLP Life coach certification course – offered by no other institute – puts these strategies directly in your hands. A truly professional coach will be certified in both complementary disciplines.

The Life Coach element of the training focuses on creating action and motion to ensure your client achieves a balanced goal orientated life. The NLP element assist with removing fears, phobias and limiting beliefs and replacing them with empowering subconscious thought patterns that brings about true change in our lives and that of our clients. The complimentary disciplines of Life Coaching and NLP are extremely powerful in unlocking the true potential in yourself and your clients.

The Combined NLP & Life coach certificate course is designed to install a new “frame of mind”. You will have a clear understanding on the basic functionality of how the mind works. You will be trained by an Internationally Certified Master and Trainers in NLP and Life Coaching.

The subjects are taught individually yet the skills are integrated for high performance and efficiency.   This course is designed to install skills and techniques. NLP is acclaimed for its “magic” techniques. NLP is widely used to support a variety of psychological behaviours. Many of us live with fears, phobias, limiting beliefs, unwanted programs and obsessive behaviors which we wish we could change. With NLP you can.

We teach a wide range of personal change techniques so no person any longer has to ‘live with’ the problem.

Do you want to bring about positive change or a new “frame of mind” in others? This course is designed to equip you with the required skills and techniques to become a Professional NLP Life Coach.

What will you learn on this course:

  • What is NLP.
  • What it really is
  • A short history
  •  What is Life Coach
  • What it is not
  • The real benefits
  • Understanding how the human mind works.
  • What are the differences between conscious and subconscious.
  • How we create mental maps that shapes our thinking
  • Why we sometimes forget things
  • Why we misunderstand basic words often.
  • How our minds decide what fits our perceived reality
  • What are the mental and emotional implications
  • What are statements we accept as true, in order to make sense of things
  • What we really need to know about the subconscious mind
  • How should we learn to listen differently in a coaching session
  • How do we know when to ask a question
  • What are the right questions based on what our clients have said and experienced
  • How to ask a question that brings change in the way we think
  • How do we identify an differentiate between assumptions and excuses and the impact they create on our clients reality.
  • Understanding language patterns
  • Various specialist skills
  • How do we construct our values and the impact “false values ” have on our lives
  • How to create mental pattern interrupts to allow the mind to think differently
  • How to check and confirm clear understanding between client and coach
  •  Identifying vague, surface language and knowing how to find the true deeper structure of challenges
  • How to identify the strategies we create and shift destructive strategies to empowering strategies
  • The impact of our thought and decisions on our behaviors and beliefs
  • Client communication
  • How to build great rapport and have easy, open and authentic conversations
  • How to use our own senses to “read” our clients emotional states
  • The various behaviors we as Coaches use that serve us in a coaching session
  • Principles that we as humans can apply to increase our potential of success.
  • All document requirements for before, during and after coaching sessions. Over 40 documents.
  • Deeper into our skills and amazing techniques
  • Understanding the finer distinctions of sensory qualities as perceived by our senses
  • Asking questions in reverse to increase the shift and impact on the clients thought patterns.
  • How to find, identify and clearly understand the first area of clients life they want to improve and change. Knowing exactly what needs to change, accelerates the change.
  • Masterful techniques that can be used to instantly shift clients from negative states into controlled states, where they can make better choices.
  • How to use words and language patterns that speak, not to the logic, but speaks to the deeper subconscious and emotions of the client
  • How to create metaphors and paint pictures of understanding with words
  • Specialist techniques usually only trained at Masters level
  • How to respond and react differently to bullying and criticism
  •  How to select specific empowering behaviors and how to install them
  • How to “re-frame” the meaning we often attach to words, feelings and experiences to take us from negative states into empowering states
  • How to resolve and overcome, internal conflict that often leads to anxiety and stress
  • How to tap into our full set of true skills, abilities, talents and natural gifts.
  • How to break unwanted habits and replace them with better behaviors.
  • How to elicit answers from the clients subconscious to help them find their own solutions that they can achieve
  • Identifying the finer traits we have that shape our motivation and behaviors
  • Dealing with extreme past trauma and memories that we often carry with us for years and it shapes who we become. We teach you how to assist the client to shift the negatives from the past into usable empowerment for their future

    Achievement of success

    • How the strategies we create internally function and how we can learn new and better strategies.
    • Understanding and writing personal mission statements
    • learning to think creatively and “out of the box”
    • Understanding goals and how they serve us
    • Strategic thinking and creating achievable goal plans
    • Building goal plan that tick all the boxes, ensuring they are achievable for the client
    • Creating personalized development plans

    The process

    • You will be given the exact coaching process to follow. All people are different and no 2 clients will be the same. You will have to adapt and adjust according to your clients needs. BUT we give you a step by step process you can follow. We even added each question you need to ask in the process.
    • We record our training and the recordings are made available to you for life. This will help you to go back to the training later and re-visit the course to ensure you did not forget something.
    • Once you completed your training you may re-join a future similar course as a virtual visitor for free, just to enhance your learning even further.
    • All the training is lead by Deon who has over 10 000 practical industry hours and other highly experienced Masters in NLP and Life Coaching.

    By what you have seen above, there is no other course available that matches our content in the detail, full coverage and quality of delivery.

    As a free bonus we added 3 workshops for you to attend at no charge after certification

    Promote yourself online: We live in the world where social media has proved to be one of the best shop fronts to promote any product, especially your coaching business. In this workshop we will teach you how to use the different apps, the type of wording that matches the app user profiles to establish yourself as a respected Coach and practitioner. Some of the apps (if you know how) can be used to find specific clients anywhere in the world. It is critical to have the right certification and just as vital to understand how you can promote yourself. 

    Workshops and webinars: Our society today wants to see you as an expert in your field. Any form of group work is the key that is required for coaching. We will share our experience, tips, and industry secrets in this workshop. 

    Effective speaker: This workshop is designed to teach you practical skills to improve your public speaking results. Public speaking is viewed as one of the greatest fears most people struggle with, we will teach you how to overcome this fear and speak effectively on public and group platforms.

    This course is designed to not only teach you, but to make you a great Life Coach and NLP practitioner


    All the training is full participative,

    We do the techniques on you and you do them on classmates to fully learn the HOW

    To add even more benefits….

    We love continuous support and development of our students, you may join free workshops that are offered every 2 weeks to ensure you stay inspired, informed and abreast of industry developments.  On completion of a course, any student may repeat the same virtual course at no extra cost in the future.

    We give you all the the coaching tools and add 45 documents for you to use.

    Client questionnaire template Coaching agreement template 2 Options, 1 Choice 21 Questions for Goal setting Action Factory Coaching Guide Advantages and Disadvantages of Change Analysis for career options Anxious thoughts Are you sitting to comfortably? Boost your strengths Coaching agreement example Coaching expectations Coaching questionnaire example Coaching Questions

    Flush your false beliefs Get unstuck Goal setting worksheet How coach-able am I? How to end a relationship Make new friends Mission statement template Mistakes made My dream partner Negative self-image Next career move Pre-coaching session prep form Questions about fear DEAL Method Do you want to improve on a relationship? First interview initial template

    Questions for career options Questions to be ready to answer Self-care quiz Self-esteem booster Starting your own business Struggling with a decision The best of me Tool for conflict What do I need to let go of? What makes my heart happy? Wheel of life Where does all my time go? Coaching skills assessment tool Communication check Compromising in your relationship

    10 Reasons why we are #1:

    1. You have access to free refresher courses. Once you signed up we offer FREE refreshers and workshops.
    2. Regular free invites to webinars. We do MASTER CLASS workshops and you are invited 
    3. Join our Coaching community free. Each training class stay connected with each other long after training. And you can join our larger community free.
    4. Free access to NLP Coach chat rooms with previous students
    5. Options to join our affiliate programs.
    6. Industry updates 
    7. Access to the recordings of your course for revision 
    8. Options to coach attendees during our regular events.
    9. Discount notifications on future courses during “specials”. 
    10. Free training on how to build your coaching practice internationally.

    We believe in keeping out students updated, highly skilled and regarded as the best in the industry. No surprise that most NLP Life Coach  trainers in Africa are all our ex students.

    For Real People

    Action Factory courses are for real people in the real world. “We focus on what people want and not the problem.” Some coaches only help “happy people”; people who don’t have issues or problems in their life. With the unique combination of neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) and coaching, Action Factory certified trainers can coach people even if there is chaos in their life. You are the solution! Find out how to solve your own problems and become the life coach so many people desperately need. Action Factory offers you a life-changing experience with premium NLP Practitioner training and Life Coaching Certification. 

    Human beings form patterns and behaviors. “Bad habits” are unwanted behaviors that served you well in your past but there comes a time when that habit is not applicable anymore. Deep-rooted behavior patterns are sometimes challenging to adjust and change. Action Factory’s neuro-linguistic programming Training Institute teaches you the necessary skills and techniques to experience the behavioral and emotional pattern shifts in all areas of your life. 

    Deon’s business experience and senior management roles in organizations combined with his life experience and training skills bring a unique perspective to the Corporate Training Centre at Action Factory. His track record speaks for itself. When training sales teams and they apply these expert techniques, sales in the company increase.

    Proudly South African

    Deon’s training journey began in 2008. As a certified NLP master practitioner by INLPTA (International NLP Trainers Association), Deon upholds the high standards and code of ethics in Action Factory. In South Africa, he is the only full-time trainer certified by INLPTA. Action Factory is the leader in Coaching and NLP courses in South Africa. Based in Johannesburg, Action Factory provides training nationally. This conveniently allows you to enrol in Life Coaching and NLP Certification training in a city near you: Johannesburg, Cape Town, Centurion, Pretoria, Bloemfontein, Durban, or Port Elizabeth. Internationally accredited Action Factory life coach academy and NLP training are priced for the South African market. International standards are held high, yet all NLP courses and coaching programs are affordable to South Africans.

    Best International NLP and Life Coach Certification

    Deon and his team are highly skilled. Deon has paved the way with honesty and integrity. He believes in excellence and only the best is good enough. As the NLP master practitioner forerunner, he established the norm and standard of international certification/accreditation for Action Factory and its trainers. Action Factory is certified/accredited at the following institutes:

    • ANLP Internationally CIC for neuro-linguistic programming professionals who want to make a difference ethically. Deon and his team uphold the ANLP Code of Ethics and Trainers Code of Ethics.
    • Deon Groenewald is certified by INLPTA (International NLP Trainers Association) as an NLP master practitioner. Their NLP accreditation process ensures international professional and ethical alignment and standardization.
    • ANLP (The Association for NLP) is globally one of the most professional and trusted independent NLP organizations.
    • COMENSA (Coaches and Mentors of South Africa) supports professional coaches and mentors to empower South Africans.
    • Deon Groenewald is an accredited trainer at ICR (The International Coaches Registrar)  They endorse authentic and ethical professional trainers, coaches, therapists, and mentors.

    Experiential Training Style

    Experience what your client will experience. Action Factory trainers teach you the theory as well as the practical application. In a safe training environment, the trainer demonstrates the technique on a willing volunteer. Then students participate fully and apply techniques to each other. It is a unique experience to see the change occur in real-time. This gives you an understanding of how your client will experience the technique and how it changes your client’s life as well as the people he or she encounters. Thousands of people are looking for a life-changing solution. Action Factory provides a variety of NLP courses to choose from.

    Please note:

    You can join us for free on day 1 of this course. Come and see for yourself that this is the course you want to do.

    This course is over 9 days, It is an accelerated course, Training starts at 09h00, Training ends around 16h00 ,You will be given assignments ,Course is trained in English , Training manuals will be provided , Informal training environment , Sufficient breaks are given.

    You want to be known as a coach people flock to because you bring REAL change, fast, effective, and lasting change.

    If you are passionate about bringing real change and helping people that need real help, then keep reading – you are in the right place, and we will prove it.

    Clients come, because you can help them, not because you have a pretty logo. People are desperate for help and most people don’t know whom to ask or where to turn.

    If you are ready to be an extraordinary NLP Coach, then come join us on a free day of training ( first day of the course is open to all) and decide for yourself.

    Relationships are crumbling, our youth feel lost, employees are demotivated, and people generally feel stuck.

    If the mostly-used solutions worked, why are so many people struggling?

    Coaching styles from 5 years ago don’t bring results anymore – because society has changed. We don’t think the same way anymore. So how can old processes help? They cannot.

    A fresh, different approach is needed and THAT is exactly what we will teach you to do.

    Experience it for yourself ..join the first day free

    What makes our course special?

    Firstly, the trainer is the most experienced in this field. Deon has over 10 000 hours applying his trade and he shares that wealth of knowledge in the class.

    The training is real processes that work and bring results.

    You can start client sessions directly after certification and start earning income.

    You can choose to complete it in 9 full days of live, interactive classroom training or you may opt for the part time option. Please see calendar for dates.

    Training is done live via Zoom. So you can join from anywhere.

    All our training is recorded, and you have lifetime access to the recordings

    The training is VERY interactive and participative.

    Techniques are done and practiced in class to ensure ability.

    Fully registered and accredited course with leading International bodies.

    Life Coaching is a growing industry, and the most popular is NLP combined with Life Coaching. Both disciplines trained in one powerful course. The reason it works so well is because the area of focus for each: Life Coaching focuses on the logic, strategic planning and achieving part of the brain. NLP focuses on replacing subconscious restrictions, such as limiting beliefs, fear, anxiety, unwanted behaviors etc. When these 2 come together, you have a coach that brings change, and Deon, your trainer is known as a true master in this field.

    On completion of this NLP Life Coach course, you will be ready to start coaching clients, bringing real shifts and change and earn.

    We do our best to keep our courses priced as affordable as we can. We price for our people (South Africa and Africa) and want to make this experience open to every person that has the dream to help others become what they can achieve. If you require a payment plan or really cannot afford the full price, talk to us. We are real people that want to help and we will do our best to assist you.

    Complete the inquiry form by clicking here or Contact us on 0832622096 or email

    The Combined NLP Life coach certificate is designed to install a new “frame of mind”. You will have a clear understanding on the basic functionality of how the mind works. 

    You will be trained by an Internationally Certified Master and Trainers in NLP and Life Coaching. The subjects are taught individually yet the skills are integrated for high performance and efficiency. This course is designed to install skills and techniques. NLP is acclaimed for its “magic” techniques. NLP is widely used to support a variety of psychological behaviours. Many of us live with fears, phobias, limiting beliefs, unwanted programs and obsessive behaviours which we wish we could change. With NLP you can.

    We teach a wide range of personal change techniques so no person any longer has to ‘live with’ the problem. Do you want to bring about positive change or a new “frame of mind” in others? This course is designed to equip you with the required skills and techniques to become a Professional NLP Life Coach. Our World has become increasingly complex and interconnected. We have busy and active lives into which we seek to fit more and more. 

    Combined NLP Life coach course So many more people are now seeking NLP Coaching because it offers them an opportunity to create real lasting change into their lives. This includes individuals, business, and professionals searching for specific guidance and support. At its basic level, NLP Coaching is about helping someone move from where they are to where they want to get to.

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