Our NLP Life Coach course

A).   Online , self paced with 3 live workshops monthly. more here

B).  Live interactive in group training NLP Practitioner and Life Coach Certification Course cost: R 18900 Now only R 8300 Live via Zoom link.

C).  Online Self paced with personal mentor. more here

Here are our specialty certification courses that can be done after you completed the main course.

1:  Youth Coach   1 Day    R 3300.00   more here

2:  Relationship Coach   1 Day   R 3300.00   more here

3:  Abundance Coach   5 half days R 6100   more here

4:  Sales Coach   1 Day   R 3300.00   more here

5:  Body Coach   Part time    R 7200.00    more here

6:  Wealth Coach   1 Day   R 3300.00   more here

7:  Executive Coach   3 days    R 8700.00   more here

8:  Hypnotherapy   6 Days   R 8900.00   more here

9:  Master NLP Life Coach    R 11999.00   more here

Complete these at your pace according to the training schedule.

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