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Body Coach


#1 In the health industry.

Coach individuals or groups to adopt  a new lifestyle and
habits to live a healthy, energised and happy life.



Body Coach Virtual live  Training

International body Coach Certification.


A passion to help people live a healthy lifestyle.

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 Body Coach


Coach individuals or groups to adopt new lifestyles and habits to live a healthy, energised, and happy life.

Our unique approach is revolutionary. We combine 3 concepts in the coaching:

  • Eat Right
  • Think Right
  • Move right

The coaching process works best in groups. Coach 10, 20, or even 100 clients at the same time!!!


It is the merging of these 3 entangled concepts that bring about permanent change in clients.


How does it work?


Most courses we offer are time-bound. You sign up, train, and then apply. But the health industry is always changing, and you need to be kept aware of all the changes. So we have a different and unique approach.


Imagine you have a group of clients that join a virtual group session with you every week.


  • Each session covers 1 of the 3 main topics, eat right, think right or move right.
  • Each session is designed to install healthy lifestyle habits.
  • Each session is a group session where we all hold each other accountable for change.


There are no fast diets, no extreme exercise programs.

We don’t do radical.


We coach our clients into forming healthy lifestyle habits that create a zestful, healthy, and energised life.


The process


  • All sessions are virtual, life, and interactive.
  • On sign-up, we will schedule you to join your first orientation class.
  • All training gets recorded and will be available for you.
  • Each training session is a preparation for your sessions with your clients. So each week, we give you new material to cover in your sessions with your clients.
  • You receive a manual that covers all the information you require.
  • You receive a client workbook, designed to take your clients on a journey of change.
  • You join a lifelong learning program. You never stop learning and developing. The health industry is at the forefront of scientific and health discovery. We stay informed and as we learn new developments we keep teaching them to you.
  • You become part of an elite team of body coaches that share knowledge and experiences with each other.
  • By being part of a group of coaches, we hold each other accountable just as your clients hold each other accountable.

The short process:  You join, constantly get new training to replicate, and use in your sessions with your clients. You stay informed.


  • Internationally recognised License as an Action Factory Body Coach.
  • Rights to apply for International accreditation by the ICR a subsidiary of Global Network Group that is ISO 9001:2008 certified by Lloyds Register and registered with CRKBO
  • Assistance in getting your coaching practice active.
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Latest Testimonials

“A wonderful person and professional journey that has taught me so much about myself. Coaching is about asking questions that will elicit information from a client.”

– Glynes Fester

“It’s an out of this world course. Open mind, now I know how to channel my future and fulfill my passion and desire.”

– Trueman Matika

What you will learn


  • How to become a successful body coach
  • To coach, clients to improve their quality of life, by coaching them to:
    • Think right
    • Eat right
    • Move right
  • Understanding thought processes that influence our lives
  • The impact and differences of various food groups
  • Unique ways to move differently to burn calories.
  • Coaching skills to greatly improve results
  • Tried and tested techniques to assist clients to experience change
  • To coach people to implement a new healthy lifestyle without diets and extreme exercise
  • Knowing what foods are healthy without cutting on taste
  • How to apply a new healthy lifestyle that makes people more energized and happier
  • Induce changed behaviour in clients over a period of months to form new and healthy lifestyle habits

We don’t encourage diets, but a healthy eating lifestyle. We don’t promote extreme exercise contracts, but the correct movement. We don’t believe life is a drag, but correct thoughts create joy.

Healthy body
Healthy mind
Healthy fruit food

To join, please contact

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What will you learn in the sessions?


Here are some of the session descriptions.


1.      Intro and Orientation.

How to use this course as a coach and finding your way around the manual and workbook.


2.      The Clients process.

Here you will learn about journaling, receiving client feedback, measurements, and more, all the things you will need to know about your client’s journey.


3.      Basics of the coaching process.

Learn the structure of your coaching process.


4.      Think right.

Learning the cycle of your thought pattern. As a coach, it is vital that you think right about yourself.



5.      Your emotional wellness.

Learn to successfully handle life’s stresses, and that your mental health is important.


6.      Coaching Knowledge.

Learn what questions to ask to determine your clients’ goals, as well as learning what presuppositions are.


7.      Maps and Filters.

Understanding how the human mind works and learn about your internal filters.


8.      Building Rapport.

What is rapport?

How do you know you have it?

How to build rapport?


9.      Values.

As human beings, we form many of our decisions and allow our emotional state to be influenced by our values. Our values are the main driver that elicits emotions and stirs our emotions.


10. Benefits of a healthy lifestyle.

Learn all the benefits of a healthy lifestyle, and how to improve your lifestyle.


11. Goals.

Learn the method of goal setting for long-term and short-term goals.


12. Resource triangle.

Learn a powerful technique to help assist the client in realising their abilities.


13. Understanding your body.

Learn how to listen to what your body needs.


14. Basic nutrition principles.

Learn how to nourish your body.


15. Dietary needs for the individual.

RDIs are the levels of intake considered to be adequate to meet the needs of practically all healthy people.


16.  Good Food groups.

What type of foods you should have on your plate?


17. Foods to avoid.

Learn what food is not good for you.


18. Food intolerance’s and allergies.

Learn how to identify these problems, and how to work around them.


19. Eating disorders.

What are eating disorders? and what are the symptoms?


20. Move right.

Learn our move-right secrets and how your metabolism works.


21. Client Exercises.

Move right activities and measurements.


22. Muscle fibers.

What are the three types of muscle fibers?


23. Exercise and recovery.

Learn the correct way to recover from exercise injuries and how to heal those sore muscles.


24. Stretching and Cardio.

Learn the importance of stretching and how to stretch correctly.

All you need to know about cardio.


25. Customising training based on clients’ needs and goals.

Learn what training options are available and how to use them to assist your client.


26.  Think right.

What to do in case your client relapses, and how they need to deal with criticism.


27. New behaviour

All behaviour is learned and can therefore be unlearnt.


28. Eat right.

The truth about carbohydrates and sugars.


29. Supplements and Vitamins

What your body needs, and what supplements to avoid.


30. The power of gratitude

What is it?

What does it do?

How to activate it


31. Coaching magic

Learn about problem-solving and get your coaching guide.


32. Coaching perceptions and behaviours.

Learn the importance of perceptions and how to create your own unique style to attract clients.


33. Bonus tool part 1

Learn to dream big by using the Disney model, and learn about life achievement goals and how to use this exercise on your client.


34. Bonus tool part 2

Learn the 5-goal setting elements.

Why is this a great opportunity?


The average person spends close to R 600 000 a lifetime on diet products.

” Getting into shape” is one of the largest industries in the world.

Most people are tired of up and down diets, where they end up worse off than when they started.

A healthy lifestyle is the best gift we can give ourselves.

8 out of 10 people want to look better, feel better, and want to have more energy.

This is a business where you can start earning fast, sustainable, and growing income.

The entry costs are very affordable. You can charge R150 to R 1000 per person MONTHLY joining your group.

You only need a computer and the internet.

Everything is virtual, the world has gone virtual.

Clients don’t have to come to you, you take the virtual group to them, on their cell or laptop.

You can have clients from all over the world.

There is no limit, to the size you can grow.

A few hours a week can earn you a sustainable income.

We teach you all you need to know, and all you do is duplicate it to your clients.

Because it is virtual, your groups can be 100’s of people per group.

It is a fun, community concept business and people love being part of it.

You can easily do this in your spare time and let it grow and grow.

And the best part…..YOU will start being healthier.