Break your Ceiling of Greatness


You are by far more magnificent, dimensional and greater than the mediocrity that you have been told to accept. I want you to imagine for a moment that this is you. When we as humans look at ourselves what we do is we look at ourselves in a variety of ways. We usually look at ourselves in the mirror. That is where we usually see ourselves or on a camera or something that reflects the image of us. When we look at ourselves, we see ourselves from what we can call a single vision perspective. In other words, we see ourselves from our own perception, our own perspective, so when I look at Deon for example what do I see? I see merely the perception that I have about myself. If you look at the people around you, that surround you in your world if you’ve got a life partner, how does your life partner look at you? They look at you from a different angle. When you look at your teachers, your preachers, your peers, your colleagues, your family members, people you work with, people you play with. If you look at a variety of people around the world and if you look at all the other people in this room and how they look at you, I want you to realize something in your brain. Everybody is looking at you from a unique perspective. So if you were standing in the middle of a circle and there were 10 people standing around you, you would have a perception about yourself and every single person standing around you would have a different perception about you.


Now when we go through life as humans what we do is frame our reality about ourselves based on the reflection or the perception we have of ourselves, but the reality is that we are more than that.  See we limit our own personal belief about who we are, what we are capable of, what our abilities in life are. The effect and the impact we have on people and the world.   We limit that belief based on the perception we have of self, but the real truth or let’s call it the bigger truth, is that the real us, the real me, is not the perception I have. The real me is the perception that everybody has of me. It is the combined massive amount of perceptions. When you look at self you see yourself in a  singular plane and let’s call it a  dimension of self, but if someone else looks at you they look at you from a  different plane and let’s call that the second dimension of self.


When a  third person looks at you, they have the third dimension of self.  So, let me ask you a  very simplistic question. How many real and actual dimensions of self is up there in the real world?


Break your Ceiling of Greatness


How great can you handle it?


How many are you aware of. All those dimensions or all of those perceptions of self is in fact the true you. The real you, the absolute you,  the complete you. If you peel an orange with a  knife, you slice it into pieces and then you peel it piece by piece and every time you take off a  peel or a section of the skin, you see more of the orange itself.  So, the orange, even though it is inside of the skin and inside of the peel, as you unpeel, it starts revealing itself in layers, in sections,  piece by piece.    When we look at ourselves, we look at ourselves merely out of the viewpoint or from the perception or the dimension of only one.  If a  section of this orange peel is being taken off and we see only but a  small part of self, we live our lives, we act accordingly, we make decisions based on the perception of what we have revealed about ourselves, to ourselves.


We limit ourselves


The real you, is the full fruit, as that magnificent glorious multiple section combination of the viewpoint. The perception of everybody else looking towards you.


How do I become me?


Imagine there are 1 0 people around you. Firstly, identify those 1 0 people. Take 10 people that are close to you, that you know well, that you spend a  lot of time with.  Name them.  All 10. Now ask yourself,  when that person looks at me, what do they see in me that’s amazing, that’s positive, that’s phenomenal, that’s life-changing, that’s a  gift to the world,  that’s part of me that I don’t always notice and imagine for a  moment that, that is not something they notice about you, but that is a  gift they give you. Now someone gives you a  gift. You’re going to take the gift.  You are going to unwrap it; you can open it up and you’re going to accept the gift. If we go through life and we start realizing that the perception other people have about us, the positive perception that other people have about us, the moment we start to realize that, that is in fact a  beautiful, positive, empowering, magnificent, life-changing,  inspiring, Motivational, inspirational gift that they are given us of noticing the greatness in you, then that will start shifting the belief you have about self.


Only  you can change you


If you do this once you are going to feel great for a  time.   Maybe for a  day, maybe for an hour, maybe you might even feel great for a  week.  But what if you do this every single morning, every single day of your life you choose 1 0  people and you ask yourself what is the perception you have of me now?  One of the concepts we have as humans are,  we are humble. You know if you see someone for the first time and you have’ t  seen them for a  while and they look at you and they say you look great, and you say, yeah, you know it’s nothing. When they look at you and they say, I do not know what you have done to your hair, but it looks fantastic.


Then,  I know the ladies do this because I see this.  You know what the ladies usually say, you know, I just threw this together quickly this morning.   I call that a  false sense of humility.   You see what we are doing is we are taking a wonderful gift that person is giving us, we are unwrapping it and we are diminishing the value of it.  We are turning that gift into dust.  We are turning a  beautiful gift someone has just given us and we are not attaching the true value of it.  We need to learn to realize and listen and become aware of what is the positive impression other people have about us.   Identify that impression,  name it,  accept it, embrace it.


Choose 1 0 people that can stand around you. Identify the positive, amazing traits that they see in you. Name 5 and verbalize them out loud. Give the 5 a name. You see the moment we give something a name it becomes real. That is the way we operate. The moment I give something a name, I give it recognition, I give it truth, I give it value. The moment I give something a name, I often start falling in love with it. If you buy an animal, if you buy a pet dog, have you noticed the moment you give it a name, there is a special connection. If you bring a child into this world, the moment you give it a name, what we’re doing on a subconscious level, we’re saying I have given this an identity, I have confirmed the fact that this is alive, this is real. So, when those 10 people stand around you and they give you a positive perception, give those perceptions a  name, make it real. Call it Awesomeness, greatness, amazingness,  call it thinker, speaker, writer, call it parent, call it lover, call it to change agent, call it life-changer, call it life coach, call it whatever you want to, but give it a  name.   The moment you have given it a  name, it’s yours, you own it, you’ve bonded with it,  it is now part of your family.   Now it becomes easier for you to pull it in and accept it,  but that’s not all,   that’s not where this concept is going to end and this is the concept that I’ve been practicing now for a  couple of months. Every day I stand up and I choose 10 people and I ask what is it in those 10 people.   What does that person see in me that is a  different perception about me? That is a  different dimension about me? That  I am not aware of?  What does that person see?


Does that person see awesomeness, greatness, inspiration, what is it? I give it a name and I will see 10 people and I identify five concepts that these people see in me and I give it a name. Once I have given a name, I ask the next question. What behaviour in me do I need to manifest? What behaviour in me do I need to act out today? What behaviour in me do I need to step into to take action on, to justify that perception. So, I take the perception, I will give it a name, I will make it real as you have in life, then I ask the following question. What action justifies that perception? What action do I need to take to step into that role and justify that perception those people have about me?




A lot of people now are looking for different results, more results, better results, and what we do very often is, think about how we can achieve results.  That is the wrong approach. Do not push results. Find the true you, the real you, not the perception you have of the Magnificent multi-dimensional, multi-layer phenomenal perception of the real you, find that make it yours, step up, step into it, start behaving and acting accordingly.  Results have got no choice but to follow success, has got no choice but to come your true destiny. You see if we chase success, we are chasing the wrong thing. What we need to do is we need to realize success is merely a result of actions and repeated behaviours and I did say the word repeated behaviours because here is the key.  If I’m merely going to do this once or twice it will push me a little bit, it will make me great, but we are creatures of habit and we love going to our default behaviour and our default behaviour is based on the perception I have of self. If I repeat this constantly what I am doing is I am literally reprogramming my subconscious mind, I am reprogramming my own belief about self, I am reprogramming the internal dialogue I have of self. I am reprogramming the type of decisions I am making in life and reprogramming the type of behaviours and actions I start doing. I am reprogramming the experience I am starting to have in my life.

I am reprogramming the type of feedback and responses I am getting. I am reprogramming my full belief system and starting to create an incredibly powerful new behaviour and belief cycle in my own life and the result of this is magnificence, true magnificence.  Many of us live in a default state of false mediocrity that is only accepted by the mediocre. You are not mediocre, you are phenomenal, but you want to make this truth manifest in your life, which means we need to do this through repetition of behaviour.  This is not something that we can start today do for three days. Change happens and now I am in a state of bliss for the rest of my life. This is a discipline we need to apply; this is not something that you are going to wake up in the morning and you are going to feel motivated to do this. Motivation is merely a result of actions. We

need to realize this is a discipline I apply every single day. Every single day I repeat this behaviour. Every morning when I wake up the first thing I do so.  I go through the cycle very quickly if you learn to do it fast this is a 2-3-minute exercise because my brain is now tuned into it and I repeat this over and over. So, what I am doing is I’m making this my new normal. I am making this my default behaviour.

Greatness now becomes the average.  Now let me ask you this question, if you keep doing this for the next six months of your life, how high is your ceiling that you can break?  How magnificent can you truly become? What tremendous results can you start achieving?  What if after six months the perception people have about you, rises and you start taking this to another level and to another level and to another level non-stop for the next number of years in your life. What will be the response?  What will be the reaction?  How tremendously magnificent can you become?


How awesome would you like to be?


You are by far more magnificently, dimensional, greater than the mediocrity that you’ve been told to accept. Just because from birth up until now you’ve been limited, you’ve been chained down, does not mean that rule applies. From now, to  the rest of your life, break your ceiling and enjoy it.


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