Business Executive Coach Certification

About this Course

The success of our economy is rooted in the success of small to medium enterprises (SME). This course will teach you how to assist the SME and the executive to reach higher performance and success levels.

Business and Executive Coaches offer solutions. Solutions that create action steps. Action that creates results:

  • Growth in profits
  • More balanced life and work style
  • Increased Sales
  • Identifying what to Fix First
  • Focused Business Value
  • Clear planning
  • More enjoyment
  • Ask any business owner if they will be prepared to invest a small amount of money, time and effort if they knew they would achieve above results.

The answer is obvious.

If you are the person that desires to be the catalyst to ensure these results for others and self, then this is your opportunity to enter one of the fastest growing and most dynamic industries in the world.

Students must be pre-qualified as Life Coaches by Action Factory to join this course.

Executive Coach: Companies and Corporate clearly understand the value of executive coaches to assist their leadership teams and staff to perform at their utmost best. This highly rewarding career is well entrenched in big business in South Africa and the world.

Business Coach: It’s all about efficiency, effectiveness, focus, profit, and pleasure. We teach you to coach your clients to achieve dreams.


There are few careers in the world as rewarding as Coaching. It is an amazing gift to be able to empower others using effective tools and to observe their change and growth. Being a certified coach ensures your financial independence and stability. This investment in yourself will be returned multiple times over by clients. Not only will you reap financial rewards but also the personal satisfaction will be immeasurable.

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