Chasing vs Embracing


In life what we often do is chase. What do we chase? Chasing vs Embracing


We chase money, we chase achievement, we chase success, we chase love, we chase relationships, we chase health, we chase joy, we chase pleasure, we chase a lot of things in life and we spend a lot of our time and energy into that chasing process. Chasing takes time and energy. I am wondering how many of you guys have ever realized that when you chase something you never catch it. You know one of the best examples is probably money and I have watched this through my life. If you chase money it is going to be faster than you. If you chase good relationships it is going to be faster than you. You are not going to catch it and the reason for that is because the moment you chase something it has a very strange impact on how the subconscious mind responds to it. For example, if you are going to chase money there has to be some kind of an internal dialogue inside of your brain that says to you, I am chasing money which means money is not here it is there. To chase means you do not have it. The moment you chase something, on a subconscious level you are instructing yourself that you do not have it.

To understand it, the subconscious brain does not negate. The subconscious mind does not understand, it merely experiences. So, if you chase money, the money according to the subconscious brain, is not here it is there. If you chase relationships, good relationships, the fact that inside your internal dialogue you have to chase it, it means it is not here it is over there and as long as it is over there, you cannot experience it. It is not yours to possess. You are going to be chasing it for the rest of my life. Calmness, peace, joy, bliss, serenity, love, health, wealth, peace, anything in life, if you chase it, you are admitting on a subconscious level you do not have it and therefore what you will experience is the lack thereof. The opposite of that is embarrassing. So instead of chasing switch to a mindset of embracing.  So, what is the mindset of embracing?




So, I am going to explain to you guys how I have done it and then adapt it for your life. So, what I did a while back, many months ago, I sat down, and I said what are the main things in my life that I want to be able to embrace daily?

I want to wake up in the morning and I want to embrace these things and I want to experience them throughout my entire day. I chose four words to describe what I want to embrace.




The first word was love.

The second word was joy.

The third word was health.

The fourth word was wealth.




So, I have love joy health, and wealth. every morning when I wake up while I am still in bed when my eyes open, I have taught myself this discipline and I remember this morning and in fact, when I did it, I was lying in bed, the wife woke up before me and we got dogs in the house and the dogs were busy and some of the dogs sleeping in the kid’s rooms and I was still asleep and the wife came in she brought me a cup of coffee.  That was a wonderful way for me to start my day with love and I became consciously aware of the love I have in my life.  I have got so many things in my life that I can love. A beautiful view, beautiful house, a beautiful wife, I have got beautiful children, I have got beautiful pets, I have got a beautiful garden, I have beautiful people that I deal with. Can you hear what I am doing? I am framing my brain. I am preloading my state of expectation, embracing a state of love and I do that through a process of gratitude. I become aware of all the things in my life that I can love.




So, the second thing that I do is I go to the word joy. Now, what brings you joy in life. What makes me joyful? What is there today that I can do that is going to create joy. What is on my calendar that is in my schedule already that I am going to enjoy? I look at things that give me joy, that I love doing because love and joy are close to each other. You see when I experienced love, I experience joy with it as well. Playing with my pets gives me joy. Teaching people that are hungry for knowledge and wisdom and understanding gives me joy. I go and I deliberately ask what it is today that is going to bring me joy and I preload that understanding in a manner of embracing it.




I then go to health. I am 57 years old now and I have met people my age and I want to call him uncle, I want to call him Grandpa. Because I have strong preloaded health embracing state, I am aware of what is working well in my body. Now the truth is I have a few things that are not working in my body. I do not focus on those; I focus on what works. What is the health benefit? What is the greatness that I have at my age in my life, that I enjoy my health? I can still go for a run, I can still ride a bicycle, I can still walk around. I have got great blood pressure, my Blood sugar is perfect, and I embrace it. I look at what is healthy, and I embrace it.




Now my last one is wealth. Now that we start talking about wealth, many people believe wealth needs to be money. Wealth and money are not the same things. I go according to wealth. I look at the house I live in and I sometimes ask myself if I had to build this house with my hands, how long would that have taken me? If I had to lay all these bricks and the piping and the roof and everything? It would have taken me years. Wealth means I can live in this magnificent place, but I look for signals and I think about things about wealth. I will give you a practical example. At the moment we are hiring a massive office and with lockdown, I haven’t been to the office now for almost two months. I still need to pay rent. Last month I paid my rent and a few days after I paid my rent, my landlord sent me an invoice and a statement and, on the invoice, he gave me a 50% discount, which means last month I double paid. This month I am getting my 50% discount again, which means I do not have to pay rent. That is wealth. If I go to my fridge and I open my fridge and there’s food in my fridge, that is wealth. if I look into my cupboard and I have got clothes to wear, that is wealth. If I look at the fact that I have got a bed that I can sleep in, and it is nice and it is warm, that is wealth. If I look at the fact that there
is a roof over my head, irrespective of what it looks like, that can keep the elements away from me and keep me in a safe space, that is wealth.

Here is the concept I want you guys to understand. If you wake up every day and you take those words and embrace them and unpack them a little bit and give a detail, you start your day in that state of embracing what you have.  You teach your brain to be aroused to it so that it finds more proof of it throughout your day.  As you find more proof of it and your brain enjoys finding the proof, your brain also learns to find, here is the key; more opportunities where it exists. If I get into a preloaded state of embracing the gifts I have in life, I teach my brain to find potential opportunities throughout my day where I can find more of it. So instead of chasing, I go into a state of embracing, and embracing allows me to increase what I am already embracing.


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