What is a great new career path to follow?

The real question to ask is rather, “do you love having inspirational and transformational chats with other people?”.

For many the answer would be a definite yes and often those people would dream of becoming therapists, councillors, or physiologists. But have you considered becoming a Life Coach or an NLP practitioner or possible both?


When we think of a life coach, we usually visualise a dominant motivational speaker standing on a stage and filling us with positive emotions. That however is a very false perception that has been created. Yes, life coaches often help us with increasing our motivation, but that is a small percentage of what they really do.


In short, a life coach is there to assist you to become a better version of you. That could include any part of your life. From weight to relationships, to career. You name it and a good life coach can help you achieve it faster and better.

There is however one crucial component most people forget. Motivation in itself does not make us take action or succeed. Motivation is an emotion and we “feel great and capable” when motivated but that feeling seldom lasts long.

Discipline, conviction, and tenacity focused on the correct actions allows us to achieve. Great Life Coaches know this and coach us accordingly. Often, we require a complete re-frame in the way we think, decide, act, and respond, and a skilled Life Coach using the tools from NLP is just the person to do this. You might ask why not your therapist. To understand, we need to realise the difference in focus.

Therapist helps us with problems, Coaches replaces problems with solutions and outcomes. The approach and methodology are vastly different. Traditional therapy wants us to “understand” the problem. In coaching we believe that when we focus on solutions and results that we desire, the outcome is more important than cultivating the problem. As an example..if someone is lazy or often procrastinates, and we spend a year trying to unpack the reason why, we will find that nothing has changed. In fact, the person might procrastinate even more. With a life Coach that is well experienced you will find yourself taking action within a few days if not hours. The new behaviour of taking action increases fast as we see results and rewards and soon taking action has replaced procrastination. Focusing on the outcome rather than the problem is often the perfect option.


Life Coaching and NLP has grown in popularity around the world and is becoming more and more in demand. As a person that has spent the past 10 years dedicated to this field, I love to share my experiences and knowledge with as many people as possible. Every month I offer numerous free webinars, workshops, and training sessions, that are open to all that are interested or just inquisitive.

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