Name:  Deon Groenewald


Contact number: +27 832 622 096

Suburb: Helderkruin

City: Roodepoort

Country: South Africa

Coach virtual on video call: Yes

Coach live face to face:  No

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Area of speciality:

I transform the way you think. Taking you from being stuck in your life, to being the achieving true version of you.

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Certifications and qualifications:

  1. Accredited Trainer
  2. Master Life Coach
  3. NLP Master
  4. Facilitator
  5. Public Speaker
  6. Transformational Speaker
  7. Executive Coach
  8. Sales Coach
  9. Youth Coach
  10. Wealth Coach
  11. Relationship Coach
  12. Body Coach
  13. Abundance Coach
  14. Hypnotherapist

Hours of practical Experiance:

0 to 500

500 to 5000

5000 to 10000

10000 and up

Deon Groenewald, is a world renowned South African entrepreneur, international transformational speaker, an internationally acclaimed and accredited Master and Trainer and expert facilitator in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Life Coaching and Hypnotherapy.

Experianced since 2008 in training students in these fields, he has trained, and equipped thousands of NLP Life Coaching students to become international qualified and accredited in their successful NLP & Life Coaching careers.

Deon is:

A full-time international trainer, and internationally certified Master by INLPTA (International NLP Trainers Association)
An internationally accredited and registered professional trainer and presenter and an accredited Training Provider.
Admitted as a Training member of ANLP International CIC, he has pledged to uphold the ANLP Code of Ethics & the Trainers Code of Ethics.

Deon’s experience as a successful entrepreneur and senior manager in large corporate organisations has made him a sought-after speaker, facilitator and presenter whom captivates & empower people from all walks of life to renewed passion, change & transformation, both personally and professionally.

As a professional expert and master in the field of Life Coaching, a qualified therapist, and Master Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner and Trainer, his practical life skills, knowledge and experience are vital contributors to the success of his students as Life coaches. They are forever transformed and professionally equipped to do the same for their coaching clients,

Deon has trained students from over 127 countries globally and has certified over 1000s Life Coaches and NLP practitioners.
He is now offering his internationally accredited course globally; this course will change your mind and change your life!