Eat, Think and Move Right Workshop

Eat, Think and Move Right Workshop

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Course: Eat, Think and Move Right Workshop
Course duration: Online Training
Course Cost: R 350
Certification: No certification
Pre-requisite: There is no pre-requisite for this course


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About this course:

Feel younger. More energy. Drop some weight. Adopt new habits to a healthier lifestyle, better body and more energy.

This course is designed with a passion for people.

You will learn 3 groups of new behaviours that in the time frame set in this course will become new habits.
All behaviour is learnt, we are not born with pre-installed behaviours. That means we can unlearn old behaviours and learn new behaviours.
I want you to have a better quality of life like I do.

You will be taught to improve your quality of life, by installing 3 behaviour groups:
•  Think right
•  Eat right
•  Move right

You will also learn:

  • Understanding thought processes that influence our lives
  • The impact and differences of various food groups
  • Unique ways to move differently to burn calories.
  • Techniques to greatly improve results
  • Tried and tested techniques to assist you to experience change
  • How to implement a new healthy lifestyle without diets and extreme exercise
  • Knowing what foods are healthy without cutting on taste
  • How to apply a new healthy lifestyle that makes people more energized and happier
  • Induce changed behaviour over a period of months to form new and healthy lifestyle habits
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