Free Power Hour

FREE Power hour NLP Sales Training


Course: FREE Power hour NLP Sales Training
Course duration: 1 Hour
Course Cost: FREE
Certification: No certification
Pre-requisite: Gauteng Only


About this course:

1 Hour FREE  Motivation for Corporate’s & sales teams in Johannesburg and Pretoria.

Are you a  sales manager, entrepreneur, or  business owner who wants to boost your sales and improve your sales skills?

Your team needs a lift me upper, but you know the normal motivation does not last.

Deon speaks to the belief system of your team.


Every decision and action we take is rooted in what we believe.


What does your team believe about;

  • themselves
  • the product
  • the clients
  • their ability
  • the need for your product
  • the economy
  • you?


These factors directly influence their behaviour.

If a sales person believes 100% he is going to close a sale, he will go in with enthusiasm. If he believes he will be rejected, he might not even show up.


Our performance is directly related to our beliefs.

Now here is the enigma!


Our beliefs are situated in our subconscious minds.


Most motivators speak to the conscious mind. That gives a short term result. Speaking to the subconscious gives longer lasting results.

That is what I am a specialist at.


You have to see it to believe it.


That is why I offer my first talk at your company completely free.

It is a win, win scenario.  Your team gets motivated, you get results and I get hired by you to teach them to the same with your clients.


To request a booking, just send me an email to Easy.


Every salesperson-even the most successful-need the best sales tips to stay on top of their game. You have probably already discovered that not all sales techniques work for all occasions because sales clients are all different.

Neurolinguistic programming, or NLP, is a set of skills and insights where you can use your mind, body, and emotions to successfully communicate with other people. Used initially as a method in psychotherapy, NLP has found its way into helping those involved in sales.

Our commitment is to have you experience NLP as it was meant to be experienced – as a trans formative one. But more than this, you will upload the knowledge from a process of utilisation, not education.


We make good sales people, great sales people.