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Be the best Life Coach and NLP Practitioner

Our coaching program is designed to empower coaches and practitioners to create a significant impact and bring about massive change in the lives of their clients.


Here’s how we ensure our coaches achieve extraordinary success:


  1. Cutting-Edge Techniques: Our coaches are equipped with cutting-edge NLP techniques, proven effective in creating lasting change. Stay ahead with our forefront coaching methodologies to overcome challenges and achieve your goals.


  1. Personal Transformation: Embrace the power of personal transformation. Our coaching program goes beyond techniques, emphasizing the coach’s growth. By experiencing profound change themselves, our coaches guide clients to do the same.


  1. Ongoing Support: At Action Factory, we’re in it for the long haul. We offer continuous support to our coaches and practitioners, providing essential resources and guidance for success. Our tight-knit community allows coaches to learn from each other’s experiences and triumphs, fostering growth and collaboration.


  1. Encouraging Innovation: We encourage our coaches to think outside the box and challenge conventional methods. By embracing innovation and trying new approaches, our practitioners can tailor their coaching to each client’s unique needs, increasing the likelihood of transformative results.


  1. Results-Oriented Approach: Our focus is on achieving tangible results for both coaches and their clients. We measure success not only by the number of clients but by the real change they experience. This results-oriented approach keeps our coaches motivated and accountable.


If you’ve ever felt that your potential as a life coach or NLP practitioner is untapped, Action Factory is here to help you unlock it. Join our community of trailblazers, and together, we’ll elevate the coaching industry and bring about massive change in the lives of countless individuals.



Every month, we provide a valuable opportunity for individuals to enhance their skills through a full day of complimentary training.

This training is open to everyone, and all you need to do is express your interest and register with us to secure your spot.

email info@actionfactory.co.za 




What makes our course special?

    1. Deon, the seasoned expert, brings over 10,000 hours of hands-on experience to the training, generously sharing his wealth of knowledge in the class.
    2. The training offers proven processes that deliver tangible results.
    3. Achieve certification and start earning income through immediate client sessions.
    4. Choose between a 9-day immersive classroom experience ,part-time option or self paced online.
    5.  Join from anywhere via live Zoom sessions.
    6. Gain lifetime access to recorded materials.
    7. Expect highly interactive and participatory training.
    8. Techniques are taught and practiced in class to ensure proficiency.
    9. This fully registered and accredited course is recognized by leading international bodies.
    10. More details on the NLP Life Coach course click here


Unleash boundless potential with our NLP Life Coaching Course!


Powerful and popular: NLP combined with Life Coaching in one life-changing course!


Why does it work so remarkably well? Let’s break it down:


Life Coaching hones in on logic, strategic planning, and achieving goals – activating the powerhouse part of your brain.


NLP takes on the subconscious, demolishing limiting beliefs, fear, anxiety, and unwanted behaviours.


When these two forces merge, you become an unstoppable force of change. And leading the charge is Deon, a true master in this transformative field.


Once you complete this mind-blowing NLP Life Coach course, you’ll be armed to the teeth with the skills to coach clients, bringing forth profound shifts and tangible transformations. It’s time to seize your destiny and earn the success you’ve always dreamed of!


Course cost: R 18900 Priced for South Africa only R 8300 .00

We understand the importance of affordability, especially for our people in South Africa and Africa. Our mission is to ensure that this transformative experience is within reach for every individual who aspires to make a difference.


Complete the inquiry form by clicking here or Contact Chandre on 0832622096 or email chandre@actionfactory.co.za

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What  students say a few days after the training.

Tanya Van der Mescht-Deon – there are no words to describe your greatness, thanks for sharing it with all of us, and helping us all discover our own 🙏❤️ this world is a better place because of us all!
Student name kept private to protect client-Hi Everyone😊Just some feedback-Saw my first client this afternoon for 2 hours-went in with a bag of nerves but once in it- everything just flowed. I repeatedly had flashbacks of Deon’s words and everything that we learnt helped steer the way forward. Thank you to everyone for sharing their moments with us as this kept it all real and made me realize we have a lot in common💛.i  do feel uplifted to know i made a difference. Used the perceptual technique and 3 step triangle one.
Student name kept private to protect client-Hey precious souls.Just had the most amazing transformation happen right in front of my eyes.A young lady going through some really heavy family issues. Started off in a really bad space. Very emotional, frustrated, depressed & on the brink of doing something drastic. I felt she needed the Perceptual Positioning technique. It was a phenomenal transformation in less than an hour. She described herself as feeling all the heaviness has been replace by cotton candy🤗We ended up just chatting & getting to know one another more. And now…. I have 3 more sessions booked with her. And I feel so very blessed🙏🏻
Student name kept private to protect client-I just finished my first session with a young guy who lacked confidence in executing his dream to do videos online. We did the resource exercise to remind him of the power he had within. We moved on to goal setting. He felt positive and the fear disappeared. Left him in high spirits 😊
Student name kept private to protect client-Yay! I am done and so energised! With my last client I did the resources triangle and as she went through her resources she was quite emotional. She did a very definite step to desired. Goosebumps stuff!She left with a goal plan in place and we are both excited. 🥳
Bhavin-Thank you so much Deon – more than anything it was a personal transformational experience that I feel most blessed with, and to experience it with everyone here made it more special! 🤗
Heidi-Deon, I thought today, if you had to walk the previous path to end here, then it was all part of the plan and worth it. You are a true role model of living and bringing transformation!🌹
Frances-Deon and all of you. I will also miss seeing your faces tomorrow. Like Bhavin said, this course is life changing. Thank you Deon for your skill and guidance, for your passion and love for people. It’s inspirational. And thank you Action Factory, my fellow coaches and friends, for allowing us into your lives and your hearts. This journey is far from over. ❤️
Faith-Thank you so much Deon for such an amazing journey. It has shifted so much for me. I can’t wait to take the wisdom and skills you have imparted to us and make a difference. Your passion is contagious 😊
Precious-I don’t have words Deon, u deserve more than this, u are really a blessing to the human kind. I do feel different. 🙏🏼🤝☀️✈️

As part of your NLP Life Coach signup, you’ll receive not one, but three invaluable training workshops:


  1. Online Self-Promotion Mastery:

Learn the art of promoting yourself effectively online without spending a fortune. We’ll equip you with proven strategies and techniques to build your online presence, attract clients, and establish yourself as an authority in the coaching and NLP industry.


  1. Workshop and Webinar Wizardry:

Discover the secrets to running captivating and impactful workshops and webinars. Whether you’re looking to reach larger audiences or engage with clients in a more intimate setting, we’ll show you how to craft and deliver compelling sessions that leave a lasting impression.


  1. Mastering the Art of Effective Speaking:

Communication is key to coaching success. In this workshop, we’ll transform you into an influential and effective speaker. You’ll gain the confidence to captivate audiences, connect with clients, and deliver your message with power and conviction.


These workshops are not theoretical exercises; they are based on real-world experience. Deon, who has been coaching since 2008, will personally guide you through these sessions, sharing practical tips and tricks that have led to numerous success stories. Many of our students have not only become award-winning speakers but also achieved international recognition as top-notch coaches.



During your journey we support as much as we can.

All training is recorded and you recieve life long access to the recordings.

You may repeat any course you wish to.

We have Coaches chat rooms for you to interact with other students

We run regular student workshops to assist you to be a success

We are there for you


All courses have their own manuals that you recieve.

There are over 40 support documents we supply you to be used as practical tools in Coaching


 International Certification and Accreditation on all courses

You want the best, we give you the best

Every element of Life Coaching and NLP is covered in training 

We repeat all the courses on a regular basis and the calender is available to you. Plan your training to a schedule that matches your life. 


Or take a look at our speciality courses, click here


 Most experianced trainer in AFRICA

Meet Deon Groenewald

Deon Groenewald, is a world renowned South African entrepreneur, international transformational speaker, an internationally acclaimed and accredited Master and Trainer and expert facilitator in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Life Coaching and Hypnotherapy.

With over 15 years professional experience in training students in these fields, he has trained, and equipped thousands of NLP Life Coaching students to become international qualified and accredited in their successful NLP & Life Coaching careers.

Deon is:

  • A full-time international trainer, and internationally certified Master by INLPTA (International NLP Trainers Association)
  • An internationally accredited and registered professional trainer and presenter and an accredited Training Provider.
  • Admitted as a Training member of ANLP International CIC, he has pledged to uphold the ANLP Code of Ethics & the Trainers Code of Ethics.

Deon’s experience as a successful entrepreneur and senior manager in large corporate organisations has made him a sought-after speaker, facilitator and presenter whom captivates & empower people from all walks of life to renewed passion, change & transformation, both personally and professionally.

As a professional expert and master in the field of Life Coaching, a qualified therapist, and Master Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner and Trainer, his practical life skills, knowledge and experience are vital contributors to the success of his students as Life coaches. They are forever transformed and professionally equipped to do the same for their coaching clients,

Deon has trained students from 127 countries globally and has certified over 1000s Life Coaches and NLP practitioners.

He is now offering his internationally accredited course globally; this course will change your mind and change your life!

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There is no training as real, practical and comprehensive as this available.

Who is this course for?

This course is for anyone wishing to start out a career & journey to become a certified & professional NLP life coach and to change their personal mindset in order to control & empower them to drive change in their lives- and to empower their clients to do the same.

The course is open to all and is ideal for:

  • Anyone wanted to start a successful coaching career and business
  • Busines Professionals
  • Sales Professional
  • Business leaders ( Managers , Team leaders, Business Proffesionals & Executives)
  • Human Resources Managers and Professionals
  • Trainers and Facilitators
  • Personal Development coaches/mentors/leaders
  • Anyone looking to change their mindset and to empower themselves to transformation & change
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Change you mind, change your life

Learn to think , differantly 

We are learning system, updating in every second of our existence.

We are changing all the time

The way you ask a question tells people how to organize the answer.


Action Factory repeatedly received the prestigious award as South Africa’s best NLP Life Coach Academy in the International Acclaimed Corporate Vision Excellence Awards. Our standards and certification is International while we keep our approach and pricing proudly South African. For your convenience, we train in most large cities in South Africa.


Our NLP, Life Coach and Corporate training courses are practical, challenging, supportive and fun. We teach skills and techniques that work. Our training is for real people that want to produce real results in a real world for real people. We live what we teach and we teach what we live. Our courses contain a mixture of 64 concepts, techniques and skills.


We believe in experiential training. Techniques and skills are explained then applied on you the student, after which students will practice the learnings on each other. On completion of your training you now know the theory, you observed the techniques, you experienced the effects and you practised on someone. This is true learning that creates confidence and capability for our coaches.


To assist people to become better versions of themselves. Our world is competitive and demanding. We have all the inner resources to be amazing. Too many people in this world are merely surviving, we want to see people living as a full a life as they can. With NLP Life Coaching you can become a real change maker. Become someone that inspires, uplifts and truly empowers people


We combine a full Life Coach Certification with an NLP Certification course. Life Coaching is all about balance and getting that life plan that takes us from point A to point B. The truth is that with the best plan we don’t always have action. NLP allows you to install a mindset of positive beliefs that creates the knowing that I can. With a good plan and a strong determined mindset, we are ready to achieve.


We train you to become an Internationally Certified Life Coach and / or NLP Practitioner. We create real NLP Coaches for today’s society. After completion of the training you become a free member of our Coach Community, allowing attendance to our 6 weekly meetings for networking, discussions and updates. We believe in support and networking. Action factory is a community of trainers and coaches that want to bring positive change to this world.

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