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 Life Coach

Course Duration:
Can be completed in 2 weeks or 3 months, your speed determines. 


Internationally accredited Life Coach certificate 

CPD points issued by International Coach Registrar 


Access to a computer, internet and time to commit to study and classroom time



This launch offer ends MONDAY 29 November 2021

2021/11/29 09:40:55

Introducing our new Life Coach Course.


  • Certified and Internationally accredit by the leading International Coach Registrar.

  • Our course is a “drip fed” course merging, videos, documents, and a minimum of 15 hours live classroom time via zoom.

  • It is the best of all, self-study at your own pace, mixed with interactive classroom practical experiential training.

  • Life Coaching CANNOT be taught online only if you want to be a real professional. It is vital to see and interact with experienced Coach Masters to fully grasp the skills and techniques that are trained.

How will you receive your training?


  • You will receive a daily set of videos with attach relevant documentations sent to you to complete as a pre-study. You receive each set after completion of the previous set to ensure your learning is structured and layered.


  • Then you will attend a few live training workshops with a Master Coach and Trainer that is done via Zoom so you can attend from your couch or your pool lounger. These are VERY interactive and participative. You will NOT be a fly on the wall that only observes.


  • Then you will receive more videos lessons and attached documents to complete your studies.


  • On completion of these studies, you will be required to complete 2 practical coaching sessions as case studies for certification.


  • Now you are ready to start your coaching business, but you need to know how and where to find paying clients. You will receive 5 of 1 hour training sessions to teach you how to promote yourself as a coach to start your international coaching practice.


Who will train you?


The course was developed By Deon Groenewald who started training and teaching Life Coaching in 2008 . He has over 10 000 practical hours in the industry and is regarded as South Africa’s most experienced Life Coach. He and his company has been named the “Best in the Industry in Africa “by receiving various Awards for 8 years in a row and that includes the Best for 2022. Action Factory has produced more Industry Masters than any other company in this field. 

Action Factory is rated in top 10 worldwide.


Are you the right person to become a life coach?


If you answer yes to the following questions then, yes, you are.


  1. Do you enjoy seeing people develop into their greatness and full potential?
  2. Do you enjoy talking to people about their dreams and aspirations?
  3. Do you know how not to only hear, but how to listen?
  4. Can you guide people to finding their solutions instead of forcing your ideas onto them?
  5. Can you stay in a relation with people to be their accountability and performance partner?
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What are the main reasons to become a Life Coach?


There are few things in life as satisfying as guiding people through the storms of life to a place of peace where they choose to be.

To enter a coaching relationship and watching your client gain confidence, self-empowerment and taking real action steps towards a better life for them, is humbling, satisfying and becomes addictive.

Learning how to listen effectively to understand the deeper meaning of what people say expands our awareness as Coaches in relation to the realities and multiple opportunities that life offers. Our level of awareness grows as we coach, because we learn a bit from each client, just as they learn and grow.

Life Coaching is one of the few careers you can have by working from your laptop anywhere in the world with clients from all countries around the globe. Lockdown forced coaches to “go virtual” by using platforms such as Zoom. This shift has revolutionised the industry and made the world our oyster. At Action Factory we’ve had clients from 127 countries already.

Too many people are being devoured by stress and anxiety. Living with fear has become the normal for millions of people. Life Coaching guides clients to find their own truth, solutions, strategies, and we guide them to successful implementation. The results are joy, love, relaxation, achievement, confidence, and a well-balanced fulfilling life in all areas.

After certification your learning does not stop.


We will introduce you to our groups of coaches where you will be able to interact with others on the same path as you, creating a strong like-minded community.

You will also receive invitations to our twice monthly workshops that are available to ensure your continuous professional development.


Why is this the best course?


   We have taken all the experience and training material that we have developed since 2008 and built a focused, practical, currently relevant super Life Coach Course.

   The time frame that it will take to complete the course will be approximately 1 month, depending on your availability and commitment to complete the course.

◊   Should you have limited available time, you will be allowed a maximum of 3 months for completion.

   The course will be “drip fed” with a merging of videos, documents and about 15 hours live classroom time.


Life Coaching CANNOT be taught online only if you want to be a real professional. It is vital to see and interact with experienced Coach Masters to fully grasp the skills and techniques that are trained.

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The course officially launches 1st of February 2022, but we are doing a pre-launch special because the festive season is here soon. The course will obviously cost a few thousand Rand, but you can pre-buy now at our pre-launch offer of R 963 .00.

All you need to do is click on the button below, you will be directed to payment and registration. Once completed successfully, we will send a confirmation email.

Final course dates will be sent to you early in January and you will have 6 starting dates to choose from between February and May 2022.

Should you wish to speak to us, feel free to call Chandre on 0832622096 during office hours or send a Whats App to same


This is the best gift you can give yourself to ensure 2022 is YOUR YEAR 

Take a look at our live reviews posted on Google, click here


Here are the last few reviews


Andrea Reinecke

a week ago

Without a doubt the best course and training I have ever attended! Interactive, professional with an exceptionally high standard, skilled and experienced trainers. Great value for money. Not one second was wasted and it was such a liberating learning experience. Thank you!!!
Pieter Gerber
a week ago
Absolutely worth it. Love every course I’ve done so far. Very professional. Wealth of information. Amazing trainers.

a week ago

It is not just about getting a Certificate, but about good quality, professionalism ,value, highest standard of training and impact on changing lives. If you are looking for the best …
Chérie Kleynhans
a week ago
Absolutely mindblowing!! It is some intense training, but you never want to stop learning. Both coaches/trainers were amazing! Truly captivating! Thank you Deon & Lesley!
Trixy Lochner

a week ago

I have just completed the Life Coaching and NLP programme – a well presented, intense and interesting course! I enjoyed every minute!
Sarie Brits
3 days ago
Thank you for this brilliant Course and Training – Deon and Lesley. I have really gained soo much knowledge and it also helped me in my own life. You are truly the best training company.
Amanda Adams

a month ago

Absolutely amazing and life changing experience. Deon and Lesley’s passion for coaching is infectious. This the THE course to take, if you want to to become the best coach you can possibly be.
Sonette Van Dyk

a week ago

I had such a laugh and sometimes tears in this course, I have learnt so much that my head felt like exploding. This course is an absolute MUST for all who want to understand yourself and take the best out of life.
Laverne Petersen
a month ago
For me this was really a life changing experience. I’ve learnt so much about how to help and coach others & most importantly about my own perceptions and value systems.I will take these life skills and apply it in every sphere of my life …
Mbuyi Kahla Ntshangase


a month ago
What a life changing experience with Action factory.Thank you Deon,I didn’t just gain a new skill but I got to be transformed to a better and higher expression my self. Can’t wait to enroll for another course with you.Thank you for a great experience.
Tanya Taylor


a month ago
Had an incredible experience with Action Factory. They truly care about you leaving the course with everything you need! Highly recommend.
Claudette Osborne


2 months ago
I gained so much value and insight in the NLP and Life coach course! Professional education and presentation and provided me with all the necessary tools to start a career in Coaching. Thank you Action Factory
Sibusiso Mthethwa


a month ago
This course is a most powerful tool to have for yourself as an individual and to help others too,what a great experience I never felt like this before in my life.The instructors are very patient always cool,always keep you cool and focused throughout the whole journey Deon and Lesley guys you are amazing.Chandre,Nicole tnx guys..
Renee Naude


2 months ago
Wonderful experience, even if you don’t want to become a Life Coach, this is a life changing experience. The trainers are passionate and lovely people and I have learnt so much from them. Thank you so much, I can’t wait to start my life as a qualified Life Coach!
Kowie Swart


2 weeks ago

I have been a follower of Action Factory for the last four years. This year I have joined in and did two cources with them. NLP practitioner and life coach. I also completed the hypnotherapy course wich I really enjoyed a lot. I am a behavioral pactitioner and this just adds too the tools in my toolbelt.

We give you all the the coaching tools and add 45 documents for you to use.

Client questionnaire template

Coaching agreement template

2 Options, 1 Choice

21 Questions for Goal setting

Action Factory Coaching Guide

Advantages and Disadvantages of Change

Analysis for career options

Anxious thoughts

Are you sitting to comfortably?

Boost your strengths

Coaching agreement example

Coaching expectations

Coaching questionnaire example

Coaching Questions

Flush your false beliefs

Get unstuck

Goal setting worksheet

How coach-able am I?

How to end a relationship

Make new friends

Mission statement template

Mistakes made

My dream partner

Negative self-image

Next career move

Pre-coaching session prep form

Questions about fear

DEAL Method

Do you want to improve on a relationship?

First interview initial template

Questions for career options

Questions to be ready to answer

Self-care quiz

Self-esteem booster

Starting your own business

Struggling with a decision

The best of me

Tool for conflict

What do I need to let go of?

What makes my heart happy?

Wheel of life

Where does all my time go?

Coaching skills assessment tool

Communication check

Compromising in your relationship

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10 Reasons why we are #1:

  1. You have access to free refresher courses. Once you signed up we offer FREE refreshers and workshops.
  2. Regular free invites to webinars. We do MASTER CLASS workshops and you are invited 
  3. Join our Coaching community free. Each training class stay connected with each other long after training. And you can join our larger community free.
  4. Free access to our Coach chat rooms with previous students
  5. Options to join our affiliate programs.
  6. Industry updates 
  7. Access to the recordings of your course for revision 
  8. Options to coach attendees during our regular events.
  9. Discount notifications on future courses during “specials”. 
  10. Free training on how to build your coaching practice internationally.

We believe in keeping out students updated, highly skilled and regarded as the best in the industry. No surprise that most  Life Coach  trainers in Africa are all our ex students.

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What did our class of

November 2021 have to say?

Live recording and unedited.

These students completed the NLP Life Coach course over 9 days and already coached 3 to 5 clients. 

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For Real People


Action Factory courses are for real people in the real world.

“We focus on what people want and not the problem.”


You are the solution! Find out how to solve your own problems and become the life coach so many people desperately need.


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