Action Factory has been the leader in our professional field for over 10 years. To ensure the industry has a proper actionable guide to follow, we created the Action Factory Coaching Guide. This Life Coach Guide book creates the minimum standards and expectations from Life Coaches. It is the perfect handbook for existing and aspiring Life Coaches.

  • This book is filled with the latest evolution in coaching skills.
  • The relationship between yourself and your client.
  • Effective behaviours
  • Common mistakes that coaches make.
  • Asking all the right questions.
  • Appropriate coaching method to use.


Discussion points included in this book:

  • Belief vs. Judge.
  • Enable vs. Push.
  • Expand vs. Stretch.
  • Listen for vs. Listen to.
  • Being aware vs. Pre-empting.
  • Eliciting vs. Leading.
  • Responding from awareness vs. Conditioned reactions.
  • Here and now vs. Past and future.
  • Attuned vs. Alert.
  • Communication “for” the client vs. “to” the client.
  • Allowing the “how” of communication vs. the “what” of communication.
  • Source vs. Symptom.
  • Simple vs. Complicated.
  • Discern vs. Solve.
  • Transform vs. Change.
  • Progress vs. movement.
  • Beginner’s mind vs. Imposing expertise.
  • Creativity vs. Prescriptive.
  • Expansions vs. Resolution.
  • Support structure vs. Constraining process.
  • Complimentary vs. Duplication.
  • Enhancing vs. Overwhelming.


Also included:

  • Action Factory Main Ethical Principles and code of ethics


Click on this link to get your copy: Action Factory Coaching guide
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