Life Coach Online Certification

Life Coach Online Certification

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Course: Life Coach Online Certification
Course duration: Online Training
Course Cost: R 4 200* per course
*price is subject to exchange rate


Certification: Fully Certified and Internationally Accredited Course
Pre-requisite: There is no pre-requisite for this course


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About this course:

Fully Certified and Internationally Accredited Course.

Life in the 21st Century is truly a hectic challenge. There is so much we have to juggle to ensure we don’t “sink”. How much of our own life dreams have we put on hold? We try and do our best in our jobs, marriages, friendships, children, money, relaxation, social activities, commitments, family….and the list goes on.

A lack of time and high-stress levels seems to be the end result.
Too many choices, too many decisions confront us.
The best medicine is available! Life Coaching.

Life Coaching offers a personal and powerful relationship focused on knowing, having, doing and being what you want in life.
• More clarity, focus and direction
• Enhanced and satisfying relationships
• Less procrastination and fewer stops
• A more balanced and fulfilling life
• Faster and bigger results
• Increase earnings and productivity
• A new sense of passion, energy and enthusiasm

As a coach and during training there are certain beliefs about yourself which are important to hold and teach others. These are beliefs that we encourage and hold as core beliefs to be successful.

  • You are able to make life changing decisions with powerful results.
  • You are capable to generate solutions that are right for you.
  • You are more resourceful than you ever dream.
  • All people have their own agenda.
  • We are all unique with our own characteristics.
  • Life is a canvas for improvement and creativity.
  • We all have the right not to be judged by others.
  • You are responsible for the results you experiencing your life.
  • You were given five senses, use all that is available to you.
  • Mediocrity is unacceptable by the mediocre. Like me, you are not mediocre.

There are many questions we need to ask ourselves to be able to understand who we are, where we are going and what it is we are supposed to do on this earth. Below are a few questions we need to ask ourselves on a regular basis.

  • What value have I placed on myself that is a reflection of that which I am prepared to settle for?
  • What do I focus 80% of my attention on?
  • Am I using and developing the gifts and talents I have been given?
  • Where am I going with my life?
  • What am I doing in my life that reflects my values and beliefs?
  • What is the legacy that I will leave behind?
  • Do I have an inspirational character in my life that I follow and try to mimic?
  • Which habits and actions that I still hold onto I should have let go by now?
  • What would I have achieved if I knew I could never fail?
  • What is that one thing, that should I change it, my life would immediately change for the better?

If you have read the above and there is gravitation, a pulling towards inside of you to want to have these skills then you have the passion to become a Life coach.

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