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Our NLP practitioner and Life Coach course is fully acredited and Internationally Certified. 

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Action Factory offers you the leading certification in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and Life Coaching courses and training options.

We started in 2008 and we train our NLP & Life Coaching course every month.
Over the years we have presented our NLP Life Coach course hundreds of times.
We are the most experienced training company in Africa in our field. 
EVERY student has rated our training extremely high. We have never had a single bad review or 1 complaint about our training. We undersell and OVER deliver every time. 

Watch one of our live events and get a feel for what we do


Why we are rated number 1 in Africa and top 10 in the world:

Courses are internationally Accredited

Earn CPD points

We started in 2008 and have built a wealth of experience

We have produced more active NLP Coaches, Masters and Trainers than any other in our field in Africa.

We have students from more than 120 countries worldwide. Truly international.

Our head trainer has over 10 000 practical hours in the industry. He is known as the true Master in this field.

Our training is very practical and interactive.

Students participate actively, experience and practice all the processes during training.

We only teach what we have used and know works with clients.

We not only teach you to be a Life Coach and NLP practitioner, we teach you how to become an active professional.

We offer best value available

Our courses are highly compact and full of practical training.


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Dream to plan

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Action Factory repeatedly received the prestigious award as South Africa’s best NLP Life Coach Academy in the International Acclaimed Corporate Vision Excellence Awards. Our standards and certification is International while we keep our approach and pricing proudly South African. For your convenience, we train in most large cities in South Africa.


Our NLP, Life Coach and Corporate training courses are practical, challenging, supportive and fun. We teach skills and techniques that work. Our training is for real people that want to produce real results in a real world for real people. We live what we teach and we teach what we live. Our courses contain a mixture of 64 concepts, techniques and skills.


We believe in experiential training. Techniques and skills are explained then applied on you the student, after which students will practice the learnings on each other. On completion of your training you now know the theory, you observed the techniques, you experienced the effects and you practised on someone. This is true learning that creates confidence and capability for our coaches.


To assist people to become better versions of themselves. Our world is competitive and demanding. We have all the inner resources to be amazing. Too many people in this world are merely surviving, we want to see people living as a full a life as they can. With NLP Life Coaching you can become a real change maker. Become someone that inspires, uplifts and truly empowers people


We combine a full Life Coach Certification with an NLP Certification course. Life Coaching is all about balance and getting that life plan that takes us from point A to point B. The truth is that with the best plan we don’t always have action. NLP allows you to install a mindset of positive beliefs that creates the knowing that I can. With a good plan and a strong determined mindset, we are ready to achieve.


We train you to become an Internationally Certified Life Coach and / or NLP Practitioner. We create real NLP Coaches for today’s society. After completion of the training you become a free member of our Coach Community, allowing attendance to our 6 weekly meetings for networking, discussions and updates. We believe in support and networking. Action factory is a community of trainers and coaches that want to bring positive change to this world.

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