Course 1: FREE NLP Life Coach Fundamentals Workshop

Course: NLP Life Coach fundamentals workshop
Course duration: 1 Day full time
Certification: No certification
Pre-requisite: There is no pre-requisite for this course

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“It was a journey in discovering myself and giving me the tools to assist other people to better themselves” – Johnny Terblanche

“You have the power to change your own world”

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Course Cost: FREE!


About this Course:
An in-depth introduction to the world of NLP & Coaching

This NLP Life Coach Fundamentals Workshop is one of the most amazing self discovery journeys that will reveal your true abilities and capabilities– uncovering the full potential of your mind and body. Through this workshop you will gain an in-depth understanding of the fundamentals of NLP & Coaching, and the NLP Success minded principles that is the cornerstone of the world’s most successful people.

 NLP is very much a hands on experience. Reading about it is great to give you a taster, but you cannot truly learn it or get a deep understanding without practicing it and using it on a regular basis, in the same way that you can’t learn to drive a car from reading a book, even a really cool pop-up book with sound effects.

This one day NLP Life coach Fundamentals workshop will give you the opportunity to see, feel and experience the benefits and power of NLP for yourself, and why it has been so effective in empowering so many people around the world in their personal and working lives.


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Mariette Terblanche

“Wow! Life changing. Extremely valuable in terms of “factual learning” and “personal growth”.  Worth every cent and so much more.  I just want more!”

Vanessa Chetty

“Amazing, Life Changing, Transformational”

“I have learnt that I have the ability tools to facilitate the change in others to do what they say they can do”

Rossinah Busi

“It was amazing and my life has changed for the better”

“I must take ownership of my life”

About the trainer:

“Brilliant! Energetic, sympathetic and an amazing source of knowledge and insight.”

About the trainer:

“Perfect trainer, totally committed to content, reshaping and challenging thinking, 10/10”

About the trainer:

“The trainer was excellent, gave us all the information and it was easy to interact.  The best trainer ever!”

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Course Cost: Free

How can you benefit from the NLP Life coach fundamentals workshop?

  • Overcome your self-limitations
  • Knowing your mind
  • Communicate more effectively
  • Increase emotional intelligence
  • Develop your understanding of how other people think
  • Understanding the relationship between the conscious and subconscious
  • Adapting success minded principles
  • Deal effectively with stress and anxiety
  • Recognising the power of choices

Apply your NLP training and techniques to Business, Coaching, Counselling, Teaching, Relationships, Parenting, Presenting, personal improvement and many more…..

You will find the materials and tools from this course of use immediately, and will start to feel the benefits in your life as you use them.
You may want to try our  NLP Life coach Fundamentals workshop  before deciding to enrol for the internationally accredited Life coach certificate or Combined NLP & Life coach certification course.

The day will provide a fascinating window on the world – you will start to see yourself and the world in new and expansive ways, utilising some of the most powerful tools and processes for change in the 21st Century.

The workshop will be fun, educational, experiential and informal – giving you the opportunity to experience and use NLP. By the end of the workshop, you won’t just know about NLP – you will be doing it…
NLP creates powerful possibilities for your personal and corporate development, to take control of your life and destiny.

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Who should attend the NLP Life coach fundamentals workshop?

If you have considered a career as a Life Coach, or If you have been going through life knowing that you deserve more than what you have right now, or if you believe that you can be a better version of you but just don’t know how to get there, this workshop is the answer.

We have seen countless people, just like you, move from good to great, once they started implementing the NLP success minded principles.
The reality is, if they can do it then so can you.