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Life coach course

The Action Factory Professional Life Coach Certificate course will prepare you for your coaching career with an in-depth knowledge and skills unsurpassed in the industry. You will learn numerous proprietary tools and proven coaching methods that have been used with over a million people worldwide. Action Factory’s track record of comprehensive, highly professional training and ongoing support differentiates it from any other program available. Doing this program will be a profound and life-changing experience.

Once you’ve completed our Life Coach Certificate course you’ll become an internationally accredited Certified Life Coach.

Quality of me

Quality of Me is an in depth look at how we form blue prints for decision making.

It takes a look at how we are programmed by life events and how it will impact us going forward.

This course will take you on a dynamic journey of understanding the impact our past has on our current decision making process.

benefits of coaching

This is a short free document explaining the modern benefits of Life Coaching.

I have added a few self discovery questions that you can ask yourself or even your clients.

These questions will challenge you to look at your life from a new perspective of potential and opportunity.

Life coach guide book

Action Factory has been the leader in our professional field for over 10 years.

To ensure the industry has a proper actionable guide to follow, we created the Action Factory Coaching Guide.

This book creates the minimum standards and expectations from Life Coaches.

It is the perfect handbook for existing and aspiring Life Coaches

Body coach course

The core of the program is for your clients to adopt new habits in behaviours.

Most clients know what to do intellectually, but as many of us know, we don’t always do what we know we should be doing.

The reasons are mostly based in our subconscious part of the brain that regulates our habitual behaviour.


This program is designed for you to be able to take your client on a journey of habit change.