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Why Action Factory NLP Sales training academy and NLP Team building centre is right place for you.

Action Factory is a premium internationally Accredited NLP Sales training and NLP Team building  centre in South Africa, with training courses in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Cape Town, Bloemfontein, Durban and Port Elizabeth. Highly experienced International Certified Master Trainers will guide you with NLP Sales training and NLP Team building training combined the 2 courses into 1 powerful course.

Exceptionally high course content will be provided and real skills and techniques that have been tried and tested over years of research and development. The courses are well priced for the South African market, affordable so that each student leaves our academy having the experience of real change.
Accredited with: ANLP, ICR, IACTMINLPTA


Action Factory Our Team

Action Factory Life Coach & NLP Accreditations


Action Factory Our Team

Action Factory Our Team

People are increasingly seeking the services of a professional coach as they navigate through the challenges of their personal and professional lives.

COMENSA members subscribe to strict standards and policies, thereby providing their clients with professional service. The advantages of working with a COMENSA member are as follows:

COMENSA members are bound a Code of Ethics. This will give you peace of mind about your coach’s professionalism and credibility.

COMENSA provides a process whereby ethical queries and complaints regarding members may be submitted to the Ethics Committee for review and processing.

All practicing COMENSA members are encouraged to be under supervision.  However, certain membership categories are subject to mandatory supervision. This means that they regularly meet with their own experienced supervisor for the purpose of ensuring that they are constantly improving their practice and providing the very best service to their clients.

COMENSA members are expected to attend to their continuing professional development by attending training and workshops. This results in our members not only gaining experience, but also developing their own range of competencies.

COMENSA members participate in, and have access to, the latest industry-related research. As a result, they are constantly and reviewing and improving their practice.

COMENSA members have access to regular meetings where they can share knowledge and experience, learn from one another and discuss best practice.

Action Factory Our Team

The Association for Neuro Linguistic Programming (ANLP) is the Association for NLP Professionals. ANLP is already synonymous with best practice and we continue to establish our reputation as one of the most professional and trusted independent NLP membership organisations in the world. Everything we do is underpinned by our own company values, which are truly EPIC –

  • Ethical
  • Professional
  • Independent and with Integrity
  • Credible

Our members share these same values, which is why they choose to be members of the Association for NLP. ANLP enables them to promote these shared values effectively to their potential clients and demonstrate their own commitment to best practice, accreditation and standards in NLP.

We recognise that choosing the right NLP Professional for your needs can be confusing. To reduce the risk of potential pitfalls, we are here to encourage best practice amongst NLP Professionals, provide impartial advice and help you make the best choice.

Action Factory Our Team  We are proud to announce that Action Factory has officially entered into a partnership with us, ICR coach register to become an ICR Accredited Agency. This means that the courses offered by Action Factory are now officially ICR Accredited. Links to the Action Factory profiles can be found here, feel free to have a look around our website for some detailed information if you  want.

ICR Coach Register is a new register founded in Holland just over a year ago and we are now also operating out of Johannesburg. We are ISO 9001 Certified by Lloyds and are CRKBO accredited by the Dutch ministry of education and are working towards being SAQA accredited locally.

As a register, ICR Works toward the demands of our coaches.  We do this by holding regular survey’s and interacting with our certificate holders. This ensures that we try and facilitate everything that you may require.

As (former) students with ActionFactory every student is also entitled to the benefits of registering with the ICR. We fully recommend that if you are a practicing coach you investigate registering with ICR. Mr. Groenewald also fully recommends that you explore a registration option with us. Naturally you are allowed to ask this to him aswell

If you are interested then please send any questions or information requests to us and we will be happy to answer them as quickly as possible.

The cost of application for the remaining 5 months has been reduced by 50% to celebrate our expansion into Africa, from 100 Rand/month to 50 Rand/month. Also, as (former) students of Action Factory, you are entitled to 75% discount on the admin fee, which is reduced to a once-off 250 rand.

If you wish to apply with us this can be done at this link: http://www.icr-coachregister.com/apply-for-coach/

Action Factory Our Team

We create opportunities for positive change by providing free education and resources to volunteers involved in humanitarian work.

The IACTM Foundation is a nonprofit branch of IACTM that makes courses and workshops as well as useful services and products freely available to those who are actively making a positive difference in the world. These volunteers may make a wish for any of the IACTM Approved Resources, then we seek funding from Sponsors to make their wish come true.

IACTM Accreditation
We accredit ethical and authentic professionals in the fields of coaching, therapy, mentoring and training. The IACTM accredited professionals are endorsed, supported and showcased in our Directory.

This branch of IACTM is overseen by an independent self regulating body of professional coaches, therapists, mentors and trainers supported by a Board of Advisors. Ethics, authenticity and transparency are our core premises

We believe our Life coach academy, NLP training institute & Corporate training centre can deliver the techniques and skills for people to experience shifts in behaviour, emotion, beliefs and thoughts.

People are not broken. We have behaviour programs that don’t serve us in our lives anymore. Most unwanted behaviour has served us well in the past but as our lives and environment changes so should our behaviour patterns. As babies we cry for food, love and attention. At some stage of our lives we alter these behaviours to adjust to new understanding and experiences. We do the same with all our behaviour patterns. But, as we mature we seem to find it more difficult to adjust behaviour patterns. The longer we use them, the more engrained they become. Often we need an outside catalyst to assist us to change. That catalyst is you as a NLP Life Coach.

The Action Factory Life coach academy will teach you the skills and techniques to assist people to “reprogram” themselves to match the behaviour and experience they seek. We focus on what people want instead of what the problem is. Our training is outcome based ensuring real people experience real results for real situations in a real world.

The Action Factory Life coach academy teaches these techniques and skills in a full experiential style. We give the theory and then apply the techniques on our students and our students apply it on each other. This process ensures true learning from experience to assist you to fully understand what your client will experience. To bring real change…..you must understand real change.

Over the last number or years, the Action Factory Life coach academy has certified hundreds of Life coaches in our monthly certification courses, all of whom have experienced life altering change in some form or area of their own lives, not to mention the life’s of the people the come in contact with

The Action Factory Life coach academy offer free open days to allow you to come and meet us. To see who we are and to notice that what we teach, we live. True transparency and authenticity makes the best coaches. To join an open day or apply for an application form or more information just complete the form on the booking form page.

Become the life-changing solution that thousands of people are looking for right now.

Start by enrolling in a professionally designed course from Action Factory, the leader in Life Coaching and NLP Certification in South Africa. Then, open the door to the dream practice you’ve always wanted – and enter with confidence. You’ll immediately feel equipped to help a growing list of eager clients break free, dream big and live large in a way they never thought possible. The key is in your hand.

How do you choose the best training company for you.


This is an objective guide to assist you in making the right choice when you decide who to use as your training provider.

In all honesty, I don’t believe there is a wrong choice. Like me, I am certain that you realise that any form of training is good. Especially training that is focused on making good people great.

So from the start let us please agree that this guide is not against certain training schools, as I believe there are no bad ones.

The reason for this guide is to highlight a few points to assist you in making the right choice for you.

There are many suppliers in the NLP and Life Coaching industry and it is very important to make the best choice for you.

Let us explore a few pointers to consider:


  1. Experience
    1. Ensure the training provider has experience.
    2. Experience is when the trainers have many years of experience.
    3. During the training there will be many questions asked and you want them answered by a mature, experienced person. You won’t take your R 800 000 car to be serviced by a trainee mechanic.  Even if the mechanic looks good and speaks smoothly, you would prefer someone with actual experience.  Coaching is more important than a car. It is about people’s lives. Real people, in a real world, with real problems looking for real solutions.
    4. A trainer ideally is a person with practical coaching experience and life experience.
  2. Rapport
    1. The best way to learn is when you are comfortable with the trainer.
    2. You would preferably want to feel a sense of “liking” towards the trainer.
    3. Most training schools will allow either a meeting with the trainer or some form of open day where potential students can come and experience the trainers and training style first hand.
  3. Certification
    1. There are certificates and certificates. Depending on the company or the trainer’s own level of certification and accreditation with various associations will determine the true value of the certificate.
    2. When we are certified as trainers we should have gone through a long, tough and strenuous journey of training to eventually after a few years be certified as trainers.
    3. The level that a “true” trainer has reached will be shown by their own certification and with which bodies they are accredited.
    4. A professional training company/ person will have various international accreditations. Some accrediting bodies are more difficult to be accredited by than others. The 2 we advise should be on their list are ANLP and ICR. Be diligent, some training companies create fake associations or “accredited listings”.
    5. Check the substance of the certificate. If it cannot be used in most countries, it has little value.
    6. Only higher education registered institutes can issue a diploma. A diploma will take no less than 1 to 2 years of full time study. Just because it is called a diploma does not make it a higher education diploma. There are companies that call an attendance certificate a diploma.
  4. Attendance versus capable.
    1. A credible training company will only certify on capability.
    2. Ideally there should be 3 ways in which a student is measured
        1. Practical application
        2. Theory
        3. Comprehension
  5. Practical learning.
    1. All techniques and skills that are taught should be demonstrated by the trainer.
    2. As students you should be allowed to practice the learning on each other, ensuring useable and applicable understanding.
  6. Ethics
    1. Ethics is vital in our industry.
    2. Trainers and training companies should subscribe to an ethical code.
    3. A well established and experienced company should be able to supply you with a coaching guide and ethical code.
  7. CPD
    1. Continual professional development is critical to coaches.
    2. Ask what form of support and continues learning is available.
    3. A variety of courses available shows versatility in the knowledge base of the trainers.

I trust this list has allowed you to make the best decision for you. Remember all forms of personal development learning is good for you. There are no good or bad trainers, some just produce better coaches and NLP practitioners than others.

As a little sales pitch, (you knew it was coming) we have kept written feedback from all our students over the past 10 years. Every single form reflects only excellence and exceeds the minimum requirements.