Sales coaching course

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Course name:  Sales Coach

(NLP Life coach course is a pre-requisite)


Duration: 1 Day  ( Full day from 09h00 to 16h00)


Certificate:  Sales Coach

There will be a practical assignment for certification requirements.

Can certificate be used to apply to International accreditation bodies, registrars or associations? Yes



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Sales coaching are often required for individuals or teams and is a very exciting field.

We will teach you how to coach individuals and teams. ( It is highly recommended that you do our speakers course and our course on how to run workshops. )

The sales environment creates strong emotions, and sales people often become subject to these emotions.

In this course we will teach you how to assist your clients to take control of emotions that affect them negatively.

You will learn how to coach your clients to work in a consistent state of motivation.

We will show you sales processes and practical applications in the sales function you can impart to your clients.

How to overcome any objection and turn a negative person into a client is a skill you and your sales clients will love.


Sales is the fundamental requirement for any business and a great effective sales team is what any business owner desires.

Sales coaching is in high demand and often sales Coaches are hired over long terms to ensure successful integration between training and application.

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Sales Coach

Best International Certification in Sales Coaching.