Wealth Coaching course

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Course name:  Wealth Coach

(NLP Life coach course is a pre-requisite)


Duration: 1 day ( Full day from 09h00 to 16h00)


Certificate:  Wealth Coach

There will be a practical assignment for certification requirements.

Can certificate be used to apply to International accreditation bodies, registrars or associations? Yes



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Wealth is not something we wish for and then it falls out of the sky.

wealth requires a specific mental attitude that manifests in disciplined behaviours.

During this course we will teach you the required elements of true wealth. It is not only about making money, wealth also requires money management.

We will teach you the critical mindsets and behaviours your client needs to live a wealthy life.

This is not a financial adviser course, this is a wealth couch course.

How do you identify the blockages your clients have and then successfully remove them.

How do you bring the change in beliefs, thoughts and action in your client to start progressing and eventually achieve success in a wealthy life.

Wealth coaching often take more coaching sessions than many other types of coaching. You might join forces with registered financial advisers and offer a wider service to your clients, according to their needs.


In essence, wealth coaching starts by determining what has prevented the client to achieve. As a coach you would remove or re-frame those blocks. Once the blockages are gone, you will start the journey of shifting the mindset to ensure the client eventually alters their habits, reactions and behaviours. Wealth can be created by any person that follows basic principles.



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