Youth Coach Course

R 2,200.00

Course name:  Youth Coach

(NLP Life coach course is a pre-requisite)


Duration: 1 day

(from 09h00 to 16h00) 


Certificate:  Youth Coach

There will be a practical assignment for certification requirements.

Can certificate be used to apply to International accreditation bodies, registrars or associations? Yes



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Our youth today needs hope.


Without hope there is no motivation to live, educate or develop themselves.

This course has its core in installing hope. Once hope is installed in our youth we take on the second phase to assist them to plan an achievable realistic future.

We coach youth differently than we will coach a 60 year old CEO.


On this course you will learn how to coach youth. What types of approach you need to take and how to adapt and adjust techniques, communication and your coaching style to make an impact.

Our youth is our future and they live in a fast changing world. The pressure they experience is new, and different, we coach them according to their realty.

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Youth Coach

Best International Certification in Youth Coaching.