An in-depth introduction to the world of Hypnotherapy

Unlike stage hypnosis, clinical hypnotherapy is a means to bypass the mind’s conscious interference and help your clients solve problems at a subconscious level. As the sound of your voice guides them into deep relaxation, they’ll enter an altered state of awareness where anything becomes possible. And as they awake, they’ll feel relaxed, liberated and in control – wondering how they so effortlessly solved a nagging problem under your supervision.

With the acceptance of hypnotherapy as a valid solution by the mental and medical health communities, more clients than ever expect this offering from their coaches too. Put this powerful tool into your arsenal of strategies to complement your services. Help clients to stop smoking, lose weight, enhance performance, build confidence, overcome anxiety and grief, manage anger, relieve stress, overcome phobias, conquer addictions, relieve depression, and more.

It is just over 5 minutes but worth the listen.

Here is an actual voice message left by one of my clients on one of our chat rooms.

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