Time for Change

Time for Change?



How often do you wake up going, NO, NOT ANOTHER DAY LIKE THIS!

Are you OK going through life and not really living?

Do you know there is something more, but you cannot put your finger on it?

It is almost as if there is something burning deep inside and you know that you need to act on it, but how?


I have been there, often, actually. I know that feeling.

To a certain extent, we as humans have re-invented slavery. In all aspects of our lives, there seems to be a master. The problem is we have done it voluntarily this time!!!


It is time to change.


In life we usually only have 3 choices;



or change.


For the past 10 years, I have been working on and training people on how to bring change.

I have taken all the golden nuggets that work and condensed them into a 3-hour workshop.

If you have already attended any of my workshops you know that I am very direct and to the point.

To me, the realisation that we live in a real world, with people with real problems seeking real solutions is the essence of what I spend my life on.

I am tired of people always wearing white gloves and being politically correct when there is a problem. We live in a world where if we have a problem it somehow makes us weaker. What a load of rubbish. We all experience problems, often.

There are times when comedians are sad and depressed, motivational speakers feel uninspired and just down. That is the reality.


The pressure of life and all that goes with it has pushed humanity to a breaking point.


It is time.


Take back humanity

The challenge we have is how do I find myself, my true self in this cosmic soup of ego, pressure, materialism, politics, corporate, money, popular-ism, and all the additives that form and direct our society?

If you read this far, it simply means you are fed up and ready for change.

The BIG question is how!

Well, that is where I come in. I am not saying I have a golden wand that will resolve the world’s problems, oh no, they will linger for many years. But inside of it all, there are things you and I can do to alter our experience. To upgrade our reality and bring radical change to our immediate situation.

How often have you looked at someone else’s problem and said to yourself    ” but the answer is so clear, why can they not see it? “. But in your own life, you cannot find the solution.


Well, the secret is simple……the solution is already in your mind. What you need is a catalyst, someone, something to help you unlock it.


For over 10 years I have studied, trained, and assisted people doing just that.


This 3-hour workshop is taking all my experience and condensing it into a short life-changing experience.

I am 100% convinced you will learn something. In fact, I guarantee it. If you don’t learn anything I will refund you.


The best thing that can happen is you can walk out with a solution and a new perspective on life.


No, it is not a new age or religious workshop. I teach you how to think, differently.

You already have a toolbox of abilities. What I am going to teach you is HOW TO USE WHAT YOU ALREADY HAVE IN A DIFFERENT WAY.

Just pause and answer the following question:

” If you could list all the talents, gifts, abilities, resources, energy, thought capacity and capabilities you actually have, and it would be shown to you on a big screen, how much of it do you really use?”

The shocking realisation is it not?


What if I told you that you have been ” programmed” not to use it all? No, it is not a conspiracy theory, it is reality.


It is time for you to take back your humanity, to become the real you. To unlock the passion, the true talents. To do the things that bring joy, bliss, and reward.


Come join me on 10 November or 15 December and allow me to share how you can change.

My venue can only take 28 people, book early by completing the payment using the secure button below, then send an email to info@actionfactory.co.za stating your name, the date you will attend and how many people you booked for.


You can call 0832622096 to confirm we received your booking or to ensure we have space for you.

The workshop will start at 09h00 and will finish about 12h00.

Tea and coffee will be available.

Cost per person R 300.00.

Venue:  At our training centre in Fairland

1st Floor

Zotos House

Cnr of 5th Ave and Smit street



Secure parking on 5th street opposite the building. you will notice a large sign ” Action Factory Student Parking” on the corner.