Development Workshops


These are designed for our Corporate Clients and Individuals seeking Personal Development

NLP Life Coach Certification Training

Online Coaching


A hands-on practical workshop.

How to find and recruit international clients online

Coaching rates

Platforms and Apps required

Adjusting face to face coaching to online


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NLP Life Coach Certification Training

Effective Speaker


Break down the nerves and stress boundaries

Learn to structure a great performance

Hold your audience attention for hours

Tips and tricks from a full-time speaker with over 10 years of experience

Learn how to find speaking opportunities and platforms.


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NLP Life Coach Certification Training

Success Principles


All excellence and amazing achievement have a strategy and a structure, and for this reason, they can be learned. NLP is famous for modelling excellence and giving it structure.

We often read about behavioural processes that bring success, but what about our internal belief system? What we believe about ourselves, other people, and the world around us will have a huge effect on our thoughts and decisions. Our behaviour and actions are directly related to our beliefs, thoughts, and decisions. This workshop challenges people. It challenges us to think, differently. If we continue on the same thought paths of yesterday, we will act out similar behaviours. This workshop brings a new understanding and interrupts habitual thoughts to allow a more “out of the box” approach.


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NLP Life Coach Certification Training

Running a Workshop


I remember the stress I had years ago when I started. I had no mentor to give me guidance and I made a lot of mistakes. But I learned the tricks of the trade.

I am going to teach you the tricks, processes, and secrets of how to run your own workshop.

You don’t need to have a registered business to do this. Any person can if you know-how.

After 10 years of doing training, speaking, and running packed workshops I will share what I have learned to teach you how to run your workshops effectively. How to build a returning customer base of people that want more from you


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NLP Life Coach Certification Training

NLP Sales training gives you the unfair advantage – sometimes it is not enough to be good, or even great… You have to also be different.

Great salespeople seem to have a natural skill for connecting with customers and bringing orders home.

The great news is, because of our unique training techniques, your own salespeople can learn their secrets.

The best salespeople adapt to the times. If you’re still relying on 20-year old sales techniques,


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NLP Life Coach Certification Training

There are many EQ and Emotional Intelligence courses in the market.

Most of them are really boring and only teach the process. This is not a topic that can be taught in the same way we teach people Excel or typing skills.

Most types of training have a clear measure of competence upfront, this allows a very structured and process-driven approach to the training. On completion, one can measure the newly gained skill and score the quality of gained skills accordingly.




The reason is simple, we are all different. We all have different triggers that set us off. Different forms of stimuli affect each person in a unique manner.


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NLP Life Coach Certification Training

Communication in the workplace can improve the overall workplace culture. Another positive is that good solid organizational communication eliminates barriers, resolves problems, and builds stronger workplace relationships for increased productivity.

Effective communication in the workplace plays a prominent role in developing long-lasting employee motivation. One of many positive benefits gained from well-established organizational communication is improved relationships. Improving relationships between management and staff is important. Employees appreciate good communication coming from management. It produces a healthy work environment.

When employees are satisfied with their jobs, they are able to efficiently perform their duties

As humans, we can not communicate. We are constantly communicating.


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NLP Life Coach Certification Training

Benefits of mentoring


  • Enhancing strategic business initiatives
  • Encouraging staff retention
  • Improving productivity
  • Elevating knowledge transfer from simply giving information to a transforming process so that your organization retains the practical experience and wisdom gained from long-term employees
  • Enhancing professional development.
  • Linking employees with valuable knowledge and information to other employees in need of such information
  • Using your own employees, instead of outside consultants, as internal experts for professional development
  • Creating a mentoring culture that continuously promotes individual employee growth and development

The mentor needs to understand all the benefits of the program and the mentoring relationship. Once the bigger picture is visible the mentor will go about the mentor-ship with passion and enthusiasm.


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NLP Life Coach Certification Training

Setting goals provides the clearest way to measure the success of the company.

We do not achieve our goals, personal or professional due to the fact that we do not have a proper plan broken down into achievable chunks. This means that we can’t focus on daily tasks and the goal becomes overwhelming. His course will give you all the tools to Choosing, setting and achieving your goals.

Goals are what take us forward in life; they are the oxygen to our dreams. They are the first steps to every journey we take and are also our last. It’s very important that you realize the significance and importance of goal-setting and apply this knowledge in your life.


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